Sept. 15th, Vol. 5

ACT Aspire Testing

ACT Aspire Testing will be taking place this week during Language Arts and Math. This test in neither related to the ACT test, or Aspire Academy. It replaces the MAPS testing students completed last year. This test will asses the students readiness for advanced academics and give us a picture of where they are in their learning. Because of testing, STEM students will be using a block schedule this week. We will have 90 minute class periods. This means that they will only be attending two content classes each morning, but for an extended time period. For more information on the ACT Aspire testing:

Mark your Calendars!!

Are you feeling a bit lost in the digital world your child is experiencing each day? We understand! The STEM teachers will be hosting a Parent Technology Night, Tuesday, Sept. 23rd from 6:30p.m-7:30p.m. Bring your student's device and join us to experience digital learning and all about the online platforms they use to complete work.

Binder Business and Planner Problems

As we move farther into the year, we are beginning to see students struggle with organization. As an AVID campus, GMS helps students combat this common problem through the use of binders and planners by all students. These are REQUIRED school supplies. We will begin having Binder checks in classes this week. This will be a grade for EVERY student. The STEM teachers will rotate this binder check each week. Please help your child organize their binders.

Planners are the second way GMS teachers help students take responsibility for their learning. Students are asked to write homework assignments each week. We encourage them to back date their work on long term projects so that they don't save the whole thing until the last minute. In addition to homework, students should have their email address, student login, password and student ID number on page 9. We will be checking planners for completion.

Curriculum Connections:

Here is what we will be working on in each class this week:

Language Arts- Vocabulary, ACT Aspire Testing

Math- Rationale numbers, ACT Aspire Testing

Social Studies- Demographics

Science- Elements and compounds, Physical/Chemical Change

Tech Time

Often time students have to be able to use the internet to complete homework. We realize that not every family has this access at home. In order to help equip students with the opportunity to complete their work, the STEM teachers are starting Tech Time. This will be time when students can access the internet to complete homework. It will not be tutoring. Students will be expected to work independently. Tech Time will be hosted by a different STEM teacher each day, but the times will remain as follows:

M-F mornings: 7:30-8:00a.m. and M-Th afternoons: 3:30-4:00p.m.

Confucius says: A charged device makes for a happy teacher! (ok, not really Confucius)