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Ellen Rosen

Ellen Rosen has been dealing with a large crisis in her life, she has been forced to separate from her family, move into the Johansens home, and act as she is part of the family because of the Nazis. The Nazis have overtaken all of Germany and other surrounding countries, but not Sweden. The Rosens and the Johansens are currently living in Copenhagen where the Nazi Soldiers have begun to "Relocate" all of the Jews, Ellen and the rest of her family are Jewish. The Johansens eldest daughter Lise was married to Peter who still helps the the Johansens, but Lise was killed a couple of years ago in a car accident on a rainy night. Ellen was taken to Annemaries uncle Henriks home, Henrik is a fisherman. She attended the funeral for "Great aunt Birte" with many other Jews and they waited many hours until she is brought to Henriks fishing boat and safely carried to Sweden. Most of the Jews were taken down the path to Henriks boat lead by Peter, but Ellen and her family were taken by Annemarie's mom. Ellen is best friends with Annemarie and had the choice to either be "Relocated" with all of the other Jews or to be snuck into free Sweden.

Annemarie Johansen

Annemarie Johansen has two sisters Lise and Kirsti. Her sister Lise was planning on getting married. But she died on a rainy day in a car crash. Kirsti is an annoying little sister that follows Annemarie and Ellen around. Annemarie has been told to be brave by her Uncle Henrik while Ellen, her family, and the rest of the Jews are taken to Sweden. When Ellen's father failed to deliver a very important package Annemarie had to take it down the path to the fisherman boats at dawn as quickly as possible so she is not caught by a guard. Annemarie is stopped by a Nazi soldier and his dog. The dog senses meat in her basket which is filled with cheese, milk, bread, etc. and the package. Once the Nazi suspected the basket he scavenged through it until he found the package that contained a handkerchief and suspects nothing of it and just lets her continue her mission. The handkerchief is used a couple minutes later to put next to the dogs noses on Henriks fishing boat so their smell is blocked and they will not find the Jews hidden in the bottom of the boat. The Nazi soldier asked Henrik "What is the handkerchief for?" and he told him "I have a cold and I am using this as my tissue." In the beginning of the book Annemarie's mom and dad said that Lise died in a car crash, but really they were lying. Lise was part of the Resistance and she got hit by a German car when she was trying to run from them.

Sports at Denmark school track meet

Last week Annemarie Johansen took second place at her school track meet. This week their track meet is on Friday and she is determined to pull ahead and take the lead! Although there are Nazi soldiers stopping them at every corner, she will practice racing Ellen up every street on the sidewalk.
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