Part A: EDU 210

Mobile Apps for the K-12 Classroom

The Elements App

This mobile app is an iOS app for iPad. The cost is $6.99 for this app. It can be used for a chemistry class to give the students a visual on the types of elements in the periodic table. Every element in this app is given an animated image which can be rotated and displays detailed facts about the elements. This app is designed by Theodore Gray. The app could be used as access to an extra study tool or can be used for an interactive lecture when the classes cover the elements from the periodic table.
The BEST periodic table app on the market - The Elements: A Visual Exploration - app demo


MathBoard is an app for iOS 5.0 or later. The app is a $5.00 MathBoard tool which allows for students to practice math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It consists of having a problem generator with up to 250 questions per quiz for students to challenge. These quizzes can be saved and timed and progress can be monitored. The activities may be somewhat elementary, however this is who I would use it for, elementary students. It may be difficult for each student to have the program on their own individual iPads, but the teacher could display the program via the smart board program and work off of it along with the students, or have mad-minute sessions.
Mathboard app helps students with basic arithmetic

Frog Dissection

This app is made by Ematras Inc and costs $3.99. It is designed for the iOS operating system iOS 4.3 or later. This app is a virtual frog dissection and a great tool to have for students to work with. It is great for the students who feel uncomfortable dealing with real specimens. The app consists of vivid 3D imaging with step-by-step voice over instruction to lead the students through this accurate simulation of a real lab experience. The app contains information on the organs and life cycles of the frogs with anatomical comparisons of humans and frogs. There is also an interactive quiz which would be a great formative assessment tool for the teacher.
Frog Dissection on iPad

Tap To Talk

Tap To Talk

Tap To Talk app is an app available on mobile devices, mac computers, pc computers, as well as hand held gaming devices. The initial purpose of the app was to assist non-verbal people with communication. People are able to click on an image which will express audibly and textual forms of that image. For example, the person could search through to find an expression of an emotion or physical state and then click on the image that expresses want they want. An audio expression/sound/text will occur though the device and the person, thus, is able to communicate. This app is great for special needs students and students who are not able to communicate verbally. With this tool a student in the class can have the mobile device and push the images in order to engage in large group discussions and be a part of the class.

App Review: TapToTalk

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

The purpose of this app is to be able to create presentations with your mobile device/ iPad. The app is very simple to use and makes it very quick and easy to make presentations, much like powerpoint but in less time. With this app it is easy to add pictures from the iPad, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, or other online sources. The program has automatically adjustable fonts to keep the presentation creation flowing seamlessly. It can be used for teaching a lesson, developing a portfolio, giving a report, telling a story, or simply pitching an idea. Check out the great video below! I would use this program for short presentations I want to be visually stimulating.

Meet Haiku Deck - Now available on the web!