Dangerous Areas on Earth

By: Lexie Bruns, Keaton Jones, and Kate Gubbels

Dangerous Places

People around the world live in very dangerous conditions. Some are not as dangerous as others, but people need to be aware! Many volcanoes and earthquakes occur in the areas below. People in these areas should be aware for these natural disasters to occur. This article will be informing people about dangerous areas around the world.


Why People Live Here

Alaska is located in the United States. People like to live in Alaska because of all the pretty views. In Anchorage people are able to view the Anchorage Museum. One of the prettiest attractions in Alaska are the Aurora Borealis. Alaska is a great place to view beautiful attractions.

Tectonic Plate Movement

Alaska has the most active tectonic plate movement in the United States. They experience more than half of all Earthquakes recorded in North America each year. This happens to Alaska because of its unique location on the Northern rim of the Pacific Basin. Alaska is located at the receiving end of the Pacific Plate as it slides laterally past southeast Alaska, and collides directly with the North American Plate. Ice fields were created, along with a trench.

Why Dangerous

Many volcanoes and earthquakes occur in Alaska. Which makes it a very dangerous place. There has been up to millions of dollars of damage due to these natural disasters. Over thousands of people have died or have been injured because of these disasters. Earthquakes are very common to come daily, as where volcanoes come yearly. Alaska has some very dangerous conditions.


Why People Live Here

Sumatra has lovely green forest and lovely wildlife. people live there for there exotic foods and and activities like hunting and fishing. people also like to live there for the landmarks they have there like Ampere bridge and the bukittinggi clock tower. some of the volcanoes are the pulau weh, seuta wahagam and the peuet sague.

Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates in Sumatra are the the Australian plate and the Eurasian plate. Most of the volcanoes and earthquakes are from abduction of the Australian plate beneath the eurasian plate. some of the land features are pulau weh, seulawah agam and toba.

Why Dangerous

Sumatra is a dangerous place because of the earthquakes and volcanoes. some of the reasons Sumatra's dangerous. because of the eruption of pulau weh it killed 1,117 and injured 2,214 the cost was 3.1billion. There was approximately 500 building destroyed.


Why People Want To Live Here

Tons of people are looking for places to live right now. Thousands of them choose the destination of Italy, Europe. The reasons they choose this place very. There is very many places to visit and tour while you are there. You can find extremely cheap places to live, although a lot of them cost more money than the average person can afford, you will find more that are cheaper. Drinks and food in some restaurants and stores are a lot cheaper making it affordable for you to move there. Very nice people to live next to or in the neighborhood of. Many tourist have talked about the famous tea there. They say it is delicious and will help you relax. This will take the stress off of your everyday and make living there even better than it already is.

Tectonic Plate Movement

Mount Etna is on the Eurasian plate and is associated with the subduction of the African plate under it. It is the highest mountain and most active volcano in Europe and has had many different eruption styles including, violent eruptions and extreme lava flows. No landforms were created during the volcanic eruptions, surprisingly because when a volcano erupts at least one landform is created.

Why Dangerous

When people travel to Catania, Italy they fear of the largest and tallest volcano in Italian history. Its dangerous to travel there because of volcanic eruptions and earthquake actions. The latest earthquake was December 29, 2013 with the magnitude of 4.9. The latest volcanic eruption from Mount Etna was January 26, 2014.