Slavery Sections

By: Aarya Rao

Field slaves

Field slaves lived in small huts with no protection against cold weather and winter winds.They slept on hard grounds and used dirt as blankets for themselves when they were cold. They usually worked from sunrise to sunset, but during harvest time worked for at least 18 hours a day.

House slaves

House slaves basically took care of everything that needed to be done in the house. They cooked, cleaned, served meals and took care of the children. One of the hardest tasks for a house slave was to cook meals . House slaves didn't get Sunday off because they had to go to their church with the master and mistress. It was better to be a house slave because they had a better opportunity to learn to write and read. They could also overhear important news and tell that to the field slaves.

Daily Rituals/ Eavesdropping

Some daily rituals would be working, getting beaten, living in poor conditions, performing in poor conditions, and being denied the essentials of life. Children ages 6-10 might be water carriers. The house slaves would eavesdrop on the master to learn about important things such as who would be fired of punished next.


Most punishments that the slaves got were harsh and hurtful. They got beaten, drownings, hangings, mutilation, branding, chaining and even murder.


Some diseases were Child birth, Malaria, Asiatic cholera, Dysentery, Pnuemonia, Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Pellagra and Beri Beri

What was their role in the Civil War?

The slaves werent required to do much in the civil war. They were mostly just the cause of it. However sometimes they volunteered to help fight against the Union.

How did they feel about the civil war and their role?

They felt good about the civil war because if they won they would be freed. They felt confident about their role because they didn't have a big role or much to do.

How would I have felt being a Slave?

I would not be happy because even though later on I would gain my independence I would still have to go through many years of torture to get that.