Tyler's Portfolio

By:Tyler Steed

A little About me

My name is Tyler Steed. I live in Ash Flat AR with my two brothers and my grandma. I like almost every sport but only play baseball. But when I'm at home I like to play video games and hang out with my little brothers.

Self Esteem

This is my self esteem results they were kind of low so that means that i need to find a way to make my self esteem higher.
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On this results of attitude my it is very low. I really disagree with this. I don't think i have a attitude at all.
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My career that was chosen for sounds pretty cool. When I looked up a little about soft ware development and stuff like that it says that I would have to move to some where like California.
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Learning Style

My leaning style was auditory which means that I learn better when listening to some one talk which I do not thing is my learning style I think that I learn better by taking notes and having a study guide.
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Personality type

The personality type that I got was ESTP which means that i'm very out going person.
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Brain Dominance

My brain dominance is 50/50. which means that both sides of my brain are working at a equal rate.
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Personality Color

My Personality Color is red which means that i am a very passionate person and also very calm.
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