Math Empowers Parents

Middletown Township Public Schools

Grades K-2 ~1st Trimester 2017-2018

Math Empowers Parents, Grades K-2 is a newsletter for parents of children in Kindergarten through second grades. Each publication will include information on how parents can support and foster the love of math at home.

Parents' Beliefs About Math Change Their Children's Achievement

This article contains excerpts from Jo Boaler’s new book, Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching and explains how the messages parents' send their children about math can impact their potential.

What is Growth Mindset?
Check out this 3-minute video from Carol Dweck to learn what a fixed and growth mindset are and how they impact learning.
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2017 Dreambox Fall Challenge

This year's fall challenge will take place from November 5th to December 9th. This challenge will focus on the growth students make instead of the number of lessons completed. The school with the highest percentage growth per student will be this year's Fall DreamBox Challenge winner. Please contact your child's teacher or math specialist if you need information for logging on at home.

Check out the 2017 Mathical Book Award Winners

Fun Fall Read Alouds About Math

Lisa Cashin

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Leonardo Elementary School

Catherine Woodle

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Fairview and Lincroft Elementary Schools