Seymour Snapshots

Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

Reading Workshop - No Monkeying Around!

In Reading Workshop, we have been hard at work studying different genres of texts. Last week, we studied biographies. We learned that a biography is a text written about someone's life! In addition to being introduced to and exploring biographies, we discussed how the pictures and text work together to give us information. Mid week, we read The Watcher, a biography about Jane Goodall. This started us on an amazing path of research and asking questions. We became enthralled with learning more about this brave scientist and her work with chimpanzees. We read more stories, watched videos, and most of learning was led by student questions and interest!

Some of the questions we would ask Jane Goodall that guided our inquiry:

"How long were you in Gombe?" - Manus Geiger

"How did you communicate with the chimpanzees?" - Garrett Needham

"How did humans get the chimpanzees sick?" - William Ward

It was a GREAT week! Ask your child about Jane Goodall.

This week, we are currently engaged in the magical world of fantasy. We are comparing fantasy with realistic fiction. As we read fantasy, we are paying attention to how the parts of the story work together.

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Writing Workshop - Non-Fiction Chapter Books

Our first grade writers have been hard at work writing non-fiction and informational books. We have progressed in our writing to being able to write CHAPTER books complete with a table of contents. The work we have been doing over the past two weeks has given us opportunities for planning and structuring our work.

In addition to writing chapters, we have been hard at work studying mentor authors and trying common elements found in non-fiction chapter books like How-to writing, making comparisons, introductions and conclusions!

With all of these writing components and all of our hard work, we are gearing up for our next publishing party. Over the next few days, we will work on rereading our writing and editing our work.

Science and Math - Measurement

In Science and Math, we have been hard at work learning all about comparing and measuring! Comparing and measuring are important science skills. These skills help students build good scientific habits and thinking. Over the past few weeks, we explored measuring in nonstandard units, such as our feet, wooden spools, toothpicks, and unifix cubes. Using various nonstandard units of measurement helped us uncover that using a common standard unit produces results that can be compared and expressed using a common language.

Next, we learned all about standard units of measure (inches), and we used different measuring tools (rulers and tape measures) to measure. With all of this measuring, we learned all about using beginning and ending points, a common starting line, and recognizing the importance of standard units of measuring.

Next up in Science - all about WEATHER!

Featured App: Making 10 Plus

This week and going forward, we are beginning to focus on building our fact power. We want our students to gain confidence and automaticity with recalling basic math facts. During math workshop, one of our math with self choices is using this app Making 10 Plus. It is a quick, simple, fun way to practice math facts with sums of ten. The goal is to make 10 as fast and as many times as you can by tapping the tiles that add up to ten! We LOVE this game and we take screen shots of our highest scores!

Headphones Needed

Thanks to our amazing PTA, First Grade is able to share 6 ipads throughout the day. Here in 1S, we use them consistently during reading workshop, guided reading, and math workshop! They have been an amazing tool to help us learn, create, and reinforce. In order to use the ipads more effectively, 1S needs some headphones to help us with our listening centers and our ipad time. If anyone has any unused headphones laying around at home, would you be willing to send them in to school? I just ask that the headphones have a flat, skinny, straight plug - the kind that works with most ipad/iphone cases- Any help would BE GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Reminders and Dates

* Reminder - Our January Scholastic book order is due January 23rd.

* Tatem Roller Skating Party 5:30 pm on January 25th

* Techzels for this month are due Thursday, January 29th! Thank you for supporting Tatem Technology!

* Have you searched the hashtag #Tatemtigerpride on twitter? Give it a try and see all of the amazing things happening at Tatem School daily!

Specials Schedule

Day 1 - Art and Health

Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - Spanish

Day 4 - Spanish and PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 5 - Library (please return library books this day)

Day 6 - PE

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