By: Louis Sachar

Summary of Holes

Stanley Yelnats was always under a curse that was in his family. He was convicted of a crime that he did not commit. He was then unjustly sent to a boy's detention center, Camp Green Lake. The boys spend every day digging holes in the hot sun. Eventually, Stanley realizes that the boys aren't just building character. The Warden wants them to find something buried in the dirt. At one point, Stanley's friend, Zero, decides to run away. Stanley goes to save him from dying in the desert. Once Stanley finds Zero they climb to the top of a mountain to a place called God's thumb. Then, they return to a hole at Camp that Stanley had recently found a clue to the buried treasure. Once they find it, Stanley's lawyer comes to Camp and proves Stanley's innocence. Stanley and Zero then return home with the treasure, and the Warden is arrested.


I very much reccomend this book to anyone who loves reading. This is a book that really made me think. It is entertaining, humorous, and very interesting.
"Down to the Valley" by Little Axe