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Ever wonder . . .

How a person can tell when the rocket will return back to earth from the atmosphere? You got it mathematics is at play! This month we will be investigating how scientist can determine this.

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Chats are every Tuesday at 7pm. Join in the discussion of the following topics for the month:

  • Monomial, Are you sick?
  • Polynomial That
  • Around the box and back again
Remember you can ask questions during these sessions about any material. Bring your math skills!

Upcoming Dates of Importance

  • March 5th - Summer Registration Starts
  • March 10th - Math Elite Meet
  • March 14th - Extra help session
  • March 17th - Assignments due
  • March 20th - Catch this Project due

John von Neumann: "If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.

Don't carry a graphing calculator with you?

What do you mean you don't?! Not everyone carries a graphing calculator with them as the move from spot to spot working on their work. Good news! Here is a site just for you. This is an easy to use online graphing calculator to help you solve on the move.

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