Disposable Electronic Hookah

Disposable Electronic Hookah is the Latest Talk of the Town

Disposable Electronic Hookah is the Latest Talk of the Town

Invention is the mother of necessity and it is true to the core! Needs are the basis of inventions. People are actually inventing things out of this world. The necessities though have changed over the course of time. People in love with the cigarettes got the flavor of e cigarettes which were introduced recently in the market. The cigarettes sticks are operated with battery that allows you to smoke water vapor with nicotine but without the disgusting tar. But the latest invention of all in this field is the Disposable E Hookah. You can actually enjoy all the authentic hookah flavors but with a little difference now. These hookahs now come in sticks.

Many people have already tried these sticks and have enjoyed the whole experience but there are few who are new to this concept and still have not made their minds on whether they should try it or not! Here are some points that can help you understand whether it will make sense for you to leave the conventional hookah and switch over to the latest technology:-

Ø The e hookahs are free from tobacco

The best part about these hookahs is that they have no tobacco. That means, you get to stay away from the harmful element. With e hookah you will only get vapor with nicotine or other chosen flavor.

Ø You will be saved from nasty tar

Since there is no tobacco there is no tar, therefore you will not have to deal with the disgusting tar.

Ø The Electronic hookahs that are rechargeable

These hookahs are operated on batteries and hence can be charged as and when it requires charging. These batteries remained charged for a longer period of time as it requires very less amount of energy for puffing.

Ø The Electronic hookahs that are disposable

There is no dearth of stores selling e hookahs and you will get end number of flavor choices exactly similar to the regular shisha ones. The Disposable Electronic Hookah is best to use as you can easily throw it in the trash once you are done using it.

Another thing is that you will not even require cleaning anything as there is no actual hookah used. Also, since it is operated on battery you will not require lighting coals and wasting your time in unnecessary activities. These types of hookahs are just the size of the cigarettes and hence are very easy and convenient to carry while travelling.