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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

November 16, 2015

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

William Arthur Ward

Commit to Excellence - Tis the Season to be Thankful

As hokey as it may seem I saw lots of smiles when I passed out spirit sticks on Thursday. A small (very small) token of my appreciation of all the staff at Henderson do each day to make it a great place. Everyone wants to be appreciated and I hope that I have grown in this area as I really do appreciate you and count my blessings each day.

The "attitude of gratitude" can be contagious. Let's continue to model this for students through "good things", affirmations and insisting that we behave according to our social contracts. Model affirmations and share your own good things. Let's spread the good news as we all really do have lots to be thankful for!

The days before a break can be rough as we get off on our schedules. Kids need the continued structures and routines this week. Stay firm, focused and maximize every minute. Business as usual until Friday at 3:30pm!!

Believe in yourselves! Believe in your kids! I believe in you!

Henderson House Rules

With this busy time of year a few reminders are needed.

Henderson House Rules

If you drop it...pick it up.
If you eat out of it...wash it up.
If you step on it...wipe it up.
If you open it...close it.
If you empty it...fill it up.
If you fill it up...empty it.
If you spill it...wipe it up.
If you turn it on...turn it off.
If you make it dirty...wash it.
If you have garbage...trash it.
If it is not yours....don't eat it, drink it, or use it without permission from the owner.

Also, please clean your food items out of the refrigerator daily.

Let's be respectful of our custodians and the others in the building by leaving every area that you enter, in better condition than you found it.

Instructional Focus

Rigor and Student talk vs. teacher talk are the continued focus.

Similarities and differences can yield a 45 percentile gain? According to the research students should compare, classify, and create metaphors, analogies and non-linguistic or graphic representations. In the classroom this looks like Thinking Maps, T-charts, Venn diagrams, classifying, analogies, cause and effect links, compare and contrast organizers QAR (Question/Answer/Relationship), sketch to stretch, affinity diagrams, and the Frayer model.

Thanksgiving Lunch Low Down

Families are invited to the Thanksgiving lunch on either Thursday or Friday. If it is not "your day" your class will eat the alternate lunch.

Thursday-K, 3 & 4

Friday-1, 2 & 5

Of course there will be some exceptions due to a family member wanting to eat with both students whose "day" falls on different days. That is OK. We will adjust!

Students who have a visitor will eat IN the cafeteria with the family member. Students who do not have a visitor will eat in the classroom with the teacher.

Attendance-It's working!

Attendance has been great! Keep it up!! What you are doing is working!

  • Spell out perfect attendance and pump that up!
  • Send list of names of students who are absent to Barbie by 8:30am so that she can call.
  • Call or text parents of students who are not at school each day they are absent.
  • Ensure students feel missed when they return.

In an effort to increase attendance on November 20th and November 30th (both high absence days) we will have a pajama day on the 20th for any student who brings $2 for United Way. If we have perfect attendance (100%) on the 20th then each class gets extra recess on the 30th! Hope this helps get kids to school.

Progress Monitoring

Mastery checks are a critical piece of the "data puzzle" for kids. Did they get it? Why? Why not? Who do you reteach? Who needs extension? Sometimes the mastery check will show a miscalculation or misconception that can easily be fixed. Mastery checks keep data real with no guessing. We will begin progress monitoring your students this week. You will need to have a system in place (clip board, folder, spreadsheet, etc) that allows you easy access to mastery check data. Questions that may be asked.

Who got it? or how did ______________ do on the mastery check?

Who didn't get it?

What did you do for reteach? Did they get it?

What did you do for extension?

Please let myself, coaches or Mrs. Rhodes know if you have any questions or need assistance with this.


Lots of affirmations for this past week! Thank you to all teachers who prepared and presented at the November 11th Math/Science Event. We received so many positive comments from parents about the learning that was shared. Thank you for making this so meaningful to them.

Mrs. Christy did such a great job with her art show. Families had an interactive selfie wall as well as decorated cookies AND admired some great art!

Thank you to Mrs. Greenlee for putting on a great Veteran's Day program. It was a wonderful tribute to those who have or are serving in the military.

As always, thank you to Mrs. Marak for a great awards program. It takes time and effort to make that happen!!

Thank you to Mrs. Rhodes for all of her hard work in organizing the benchmark testing. I also want to thank teachers and support staff for working together to create a testing environment conducive to excelling!!

I know the whole copy thing was a little stressful as we transitioned over to a new way of being good stewards of resources. You all handled it professionally and NO ONE slashed my tires. :) Thank you for working through all of the kinks and maintaining your professionalism as well as being problem solvers!


  • Use of the printers is the MOST costly. Please use the riso and copier for the majority of your printing. Printers should only be used for single prints.
  • Please make sure you have approval before expecting a reimbursement of any kind.
  • I am loving the work that I am seeing in the hallways!
  • Guided reading groups should be up and running. This is a district initiative and is a strategy included in the district TAIS plan. The most important reason for guided reading groups is that it is best practice.
  • United Way fundraising is going on right now! Sign up with Mrs. Lopez.
  • Dime collection is going on right now for Relay for Life! Talk this up!
  • Focused Finish each Tuesday at the end of the day!

Mark Your Calendar!


16 Relay for Life dime collection through the 20th

plans due for the 30th

19 Teaching for Mastery (new title) until 6:30

20 United way fundraiser - PJ Day

23-27 Thanksgiving Break

30-4th Food for Families Food Drive Collection


2 Faculty Meeting-CLT

3 Staff Christmas Party

4 PTO Movie Night

6 KKids Christmas Parade

8 PTO General Meeting

9 Faculty Meeting-Committees

10 3rd Grade program and art show/parent event - reading/writing

Parent Involvement 8:35am-9:20am and 5:30pm-6:15pm (Focus on reading and writing)

16 Faculty Meeting-RtI

17 Chick fil A spirit night 5-8

21-3rd Christmas Break


4th Staff Development Day - this is not designated a work day so please plan accordingly

(Plans due for week of the 11th)

5th Students first day back