Classroom News

This week in second grade from room 300


Red Words: already and altogether

This week we suds the ou spelling pattern. This makes the /ow/ sound.

Examples: couch, pound, sound, loud, round.


We continue working on poetry this week. Students will create a poetry portfolio with many different types of poems. I can't wait to see what their creative minds come up with!



We will continue working on adding three 2-digit addends and will also add four. Students are having a hard time with this, so encourage them and help when you can. Look for addition strategies like making ten, doubles and near doubles.


Social Studies and Science

For the next couple of weeks we will learn about difference aspects of economy. This will include goods and services, producers, consumers, how to treat money we earn and supply and demand.


Upcoming Important Events

APR 12...3rd Quarter Report Card

APR 14...Literacy Night

APR 15...$3 Chick-Fil-A Biscuits in the Morning Car Line

Homework for the Week and Due Friday

  1. Read 15 minutes nightly and record in your Planner.
  2. Answer 1 comprehension question.
  3. Three spelling activities from the choice board.
  4. Math practice page.

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April 11, 2016