The Black Death

Sam Carpenter

What is the black death? The black death was a deadly disease. It spread through China to northern Europe. Rats an fleas carried the disease.

What are the symptoms of the black death? If you had the disease it started with a headache. Then the person would get a fever and became tired. The person would soon get nausea and start throwing up. The person would soon get swellings.

How did it start? the rats carried around the disease and the flea would bite the rat. Then the flea got the disease and and bite the person and that's how it started.

How did it affect towns and villages? It affected towns and villages because people ran out terrified that they would the disease. and that decreased the population of towns and villages.

How were people treated? People were treated with respect and people tried to heal the sick people.

What were the treatments and how were they effective? Some people tried to draw blood to try to get rid of the disease. some people washed in vinegar , and some people washed in water.

where did the black plague start and how far did it spread? The black plague started in China and ended in Europe.

how many people were affected and how many people died due to the plague? One third of the people in Europe died in the black death.

what affect did the black plague have on Europe as a whole? Not a lot of people were left after the black plague.