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Senior Programs Available

To gain a healthy body, senior citizens should adopt some healthy habits which can make them happier as well as healthier.

30/30/30 Fitness Program

30/30/30 FITNESS PROGRAM-The Fitness Formula for SUCCESS!
30-min. Strength Training
30-min. Cardio-Interval Training
30-min. Nutrition Consults

Our program is customized with your goals and needs in mind. There is ALWAYS an experienced, Nationally Certified trainer with you at all times. Having an expert trainer that knows when to push and when to pull back allows for a safe, effective, motivating workout. Keeping our studio space private and on a smaller scale rather than a large gym allows us to give you the individual attention you deserve. Being all women creates a comfortable, non-intimidating environment. We genuinely care about you and are comitted to helping you attain your goals.