Paul , I've got some questions...

I need your advice and some answers.


I have been thinking about being Christian so I want you to answer my questions.

What is the importance of being a Christian in you’re opinion?

The importance of being a Christian in my opinion is to love the people around you and to keep your enemies close and not to hate them. Being a Christian makes you love God in everyway.

How many times should I pray everyday?

Well when you wake up , you should say a prayer thanking God for keeping you alive for another day. You should try to say the rosary which is our Blessed Mothers' prayer. And when you are done you should say 1 last prayer thanking God for keeping you alive You should repeat this everyday. So my answer is that you should pray 3 times a day.

Are there any religious meetups? If there are , how many times should I go on a monthly basis.

You can go to Church ( what our meetup is called ) every day. But you should go to Church 4 times a month on a Saturday or a Sunday.

What are some important holidays in the religion and how should I celebrate them?

I will give you 3 important holidays. 1 holiday is Christmas which is the birthday of the Son of the lord , Jesus. Another holiday is Easter and that is when Jesus rose on the 3rd day.

What is a brief summary of how this religion started and why everybody should be a part of it.

The founder of Christianity is Jesus and Jesus is God's son who is the ruler of the world aswell. You should be apart of this religion because this religion is really kind hearted and there are many aspects to this religion that could change your life.

Are there any special gifts that I will receive for being a Christian?

As a christian , you will get baptism , penance , communion , confirmation which are the most important starting as a Christian and then you have marriage / healing of the sick and then holy orders.

What are some experiences other people have had being a Christian?

Other people have experienced many great things being Christian such as Miracles. Around the world people are saved in car accidents , shootings , house robbing etc.

God takes care of his people and he will never let them down.