Electrical Engineering

Analise Lagerman

What type of work do people in this carrier preform?

Electrical Engineers help design, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment.

Is there a demand for this job in the future?

This is a picture that shows a demand for Electrical Engineering from 2010 to (predicted) 2020. It is going up by 2%. There is little to no change for the demand.

What kind of education is needed for this type of work?

You would also have to have an associate's degree in electrical engineering technology. Also in high school you have to take chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, English; if available: applied technology, and computer science.

What is the current salary of this occupation?

The average sallery is: 57,000 dollars a year.

What are the working conditions?

The work conduction's are in a lad or working area. The Electrical Engineer's work in teams to get the job done using different ideas.

What are the major job responsibilities?

Some of the major job responsibilities are to scope, oversee and manage operations project. Another major job responsibility is to develop, and implement practical solution to technical issues related to asset operation.
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