Of Mice and Men

By: Jennifer Ford

Novel Summary:

In "Of Mice and Men", two men go to get a new job on a ranch but they end up walking because the ignorant bus driver wouldn't drive them all the way down to the ranch. Lennie, one of the main characters, loves animals and always gets in trouble by his companion, George. George is his friend who helps Lennie because Lennie is a little on the dull side and needs just a little extra help. When the men reach the Ranch they are greeted by the others who live at the ranch. Their names are Slim, Curley, Candy, Crooks and Curley's Wife. Slim is the smooth guy and he is very strong and sly. Curley is mean and rude and doesnt like men bigger then him. Candy is the old man who is friendly and loves animals. Crooks is the only Black man on the ranch and is always feeling left out. He likes his privacy. Lastly, Curley's wife is rude and sneaky and she loves to start a good fight.

After the men have been at the ranch almost a month, Lennie and George start to save money for their own ranch and Candy wants to give his share so he can live there too. The men try to ignore Curley's wife who is always picking a fight, but she ends up ticking off Lennie when all the men are out playing horse shoes. Lennie ends up breaking her neck and runs away to avoid being killed. When the men find her, they all go on a chase to find Lennie. George didn't want Curley to kill Lennie because he didn't know how he would treat Lennie, so George killed him in respect of their close friendship, it was the right thing too do. After Lennie was shot, George felt hopeless but knew what he had to do. Slim was the only one who understood Georges problem yet Slim himself never had a partner in anything, but shared just as much sorry to George and took him out for a beer.

Theme Analysis:

One of the major themes in "Of Mice and Men", was loneliness. Not only was it shown in George and Lennie, it was also shown in Candy, Crooks, and Curley's wife. Lennie and George showed loneliness by never being apart. They always went everywhere together and never left eachothers side because if they did they wouldn't have anyone to count on. Candy showed loneliness after his dog died he struggled on being alone and he shares George and Lennie's dream to stop being lonely. Crooks struggled with loneliness by being the only black man on the ranch and was always isolated by all the white folks. Lastly, Curley's wife struggled with loneliness because she was the only girl on the ranch and her husband told her not to talk to anyone so she flirted with the men to get rid of her loneliness.

"An' why? Because...Because i got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why." (steinbeck pg 14)

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck began writing after he dropped out of college for writing. Born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California. He grew up with three sisters and a happy childhood. He was shy but smart and began to love the land he grew up on. He began to be a writer at the age of 14, often he would lock himself in his bedroom so he could write poems and stories. In 1919, John enrolled himself at Stanford University ,but in 1925 soon dropped out without a degree. Steinbeck died on December 20th , 1968 from a heart attack in his home in New York City.