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Team Talk

Welcome to our 5th edition. This is our first purely electronic newsletter. From here on out we will not include a paper copy in your Tuesday folder. Save the trees! :)

This term ends on Friday. Where did time go?

Our next field trip is next week and we are still looking for some chaperones. If you are available to chaperone please email

If you have not already done so, like our facebook page. This is where we will share photos and videos from inside the classroom and during our educational outings.


This week in math we will continue our study of rational numbers by learning how to multiply and divide them. Students will also be given the opportunity to relearn unmastered skills from the previous lessons.

Learning Targets:

  1. I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers.
  2. I can identify and apply algorithms for all rational numbers operations.

NOTE: fractions and decimals 6 weeks projects are due Friday.

Language Arts

Learning Targets for this week:

  1. I can identify the three steps in the ACE technique.
  2. I can support my answers, by citing evidence from Tangerine and "Two Days with No Phone".
  3. I will demonstrate mastery of standards RL7.1, RL7.2, RL7.3, and RL7.4.

Our focus for this week is citing evidence. Take a minute and talk to your student about why it is important to back up their answers with evidence and reason. This is a skill that applies to all aspects of life, not just language arts. See if you can get them to make connections to the outside world about when or why they would cite evidence.

We will use the acronym ACE to cite evidence.

A= Answer the question- restate the question and use complete sentences

C= Cite the evidence that proves your answer: direct= quote; indirect= paraphrasing

E= Explain how the text evidence supports your answer

See if you can incorporate the ACE strategy into your discussions with your student.

Due date reminders:

Tangerine book project due date October 23rd/24th.

The extra credit assignment is due by October 30th/31st.


This week we are starting heat transfer. This unit focuses heavily on engineering. So student will research some famous engineers. Also, over the next couple of weeks, students will learn how they can save the penguins!

Reminder: Energy transfer projects are due this Friday.

Learning Targets:

1. I can compare materials to determine which are conductors and which are insulators.

2. I can identify the heat transfer method(s) given a situation.

3. I can evaluate the importance of famous engineers.

Social Studies

No updates this week.

Field Trip to Tom Sawyer Park

Friday, Sep. 26th, 8:15am

3000 Freys Hill Rd

Louisville, KY

Students will participate in team building activities at Tom Sawyer Park with the all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Montessori students. Be sure to pack a lunch or order one from the school cafeteria.