News At The Creek

December 12


eClass - Heads Up

Parent communication will take place through the teacher eClass page beginning on February 1st. We will be sending information home to parents on January 23rd & 30th. You may temporarily place a link to your website on your eClass page, however information must be updated in both places. Kudos to Mrs. Covey and Mrs. Ashe for taking the leap and making eClass their exclusive communication tool. In January, Paula will meet with teachers to update eClass pages for the second semester. Email Paula if you have something specific on your website that you would like help transferring over to your eClass page.

Hallway Noise

Please make sure students are silent in the hallways as they walk to and from the playground. The classes on the second grade hallway are frequently disrupted by the noise from classes headed to recess. REMINDER: Students must be escorted by an adult outside the school building. We are still having instances where students are banging on doors to be let into the building without an adult.

12 Days of Winter Fun

Monday, Dec. 15 - Wear holiday hats/headgear.

Tuesday, Dec. 16 - Wear your favorite college or pro team gear.

Wednesday, Dec. 17 -Candy Cane Day (Wear red and white.)

Thursday, Dec. 18 - Holiday Sweater Smackdown (Breakfast at 7:30am)

Friday, Dec. 19 - Holiday wear from Head to Toe

Extended Planning - Please Read

Support Staff - Please mark your calendars or post a reminder for yourself as to when you are covering for teachers. We are having to call for coverage each time there is extended planning. This allows for the possibility that students may be unsupervised. For student safety, please make sure you are in your assigned classroom prior to the bell ringing. The first ten people who email Carrie the name of their favorite holiday movie will get a treat in their mailboxes.


We are going to have crowds of parents for the class winter parties. We will need to adjust parking on these dates to accommodate the volume of cars. I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to walk a few extra steps. Please plan to park on the sides and back of the school building on the following days. Please do not park in front of the school.

Monday, Dec. 15 - 2nd and 4th grade parties

Wednesday, Dec. 17 - Kindergarten and 3rd grade parties

Friday, Dec. 19 - Immigration Day and 5th grade parties

Sign Out

We all need to remember that if you are leaving the building, you must sign out at Belinda's desk. If it is at the end of the day and you have split your class up, you still must sign out. If you are running an errand for school purposes or going to a school next door, you still must sign out. You must have administrative approval before splitting up your class.


Emergency Drills

HUGE shout out to all of you! I know it's crazy having a lock down drill AND a fire drill during the week of Holiday Lunches, DDAs, writing assessments, full moon (I think), and everything else in your packed schedule! You handled all of it with caring, patience, and even some laughs. Thank you so much. -Jackson

Holiday Luncheon

WOW! I had such a great time at my first DCES Holiday Luncheon. It was great to have so many family members come out and joind their students for the lunch. Beverly and her crew did a fantastic job keeping the food coming out of those ovens. Everyone was well fed! Bernadett did an great job collecting all those pre ordered tickets and then braved the cold in the front with her support crew Thank you to our paras for helping to decorate and for the many people who swapped around schedules and duties to help out. We have such an amazing and supportive family here at DCES!!!


We continue with testing next week. Couple reminders-you can pick up your makeup tests in the morning for any absent students. Also, remember you can keep your bins locked in your room as needed (just make sure you turn them in before you leave each day). THANK YOU for being so vigilant and keeping those tubs secure you are doing a great job.


If you haven't had a chance to check on your scores in SchoolNet, I would encourage you to give it a try. Play around a little bit, try clicking on the different links-you can't erase anything so don't be nervous!


Please keep in mind that the week before winter break is often one of the most difficult for students who struggle with behavior. As you all are well aware, your schedules are often different, they are lots of extra activities and it can be very overwhelming for some kids. Often, this results in them "acting out" and the behaviors they struggle with are sometimes even "worse" than what you normally see. Consider adding an extra incentive or a couple of extra supports to help them. Feel free to swing by (Bickell) if you want to brainstorm some ideas!

Website of the Week

We have just purchased Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress for K-5! This is a great Reading supplement to your instruction. Reading Eggs is designed for K-2 students and covers letter sounds, phonics, spelling and comprehension. Reading Eggspress is designed for 2nd-8th students and covers comprehension, grammar and spelling. All students have access to both programs so you just have to instruct the student which program you want them to choose once they log in! The program initially gives them a placement test and will place them within the program based on the results. This is a very user friendly program but it is a HUGE program that has many activities and reports. They access the website from the grade level links pages. They can even access this from home!

I will meet with your grade level to introduce this program (Grade Chairs-just let me know when is a good time) As administrator, I was able to mass change the passwords when I uploaded student information but the program assigns student usernames. Before you use with your students, you will need to log in and change student usernames to their student number. This is a very simple process that will take 5-10 minutes. I will put the 'how to' in your box, if I haven't already emailed to your grade level.

Teacher username: employee id without the 'e'

Teacher password: duncan

Student username: student number (after teacher changes it)

Password: Kindergarten- aaaaaa

1st- duncan1

2nd-5th- duncan


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Sonya Milton 12/16

Beth McDowell 12/27

Jo Conrad 1/1

Marie Jackson 1/7

Beth Friedman 1/8

Lisa Maschas 1/8


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