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::Week of October 16:: *Tentative schedule/dates*

About the teacher

Mrs. Myszkowski

Phone: 219-374-3600 ext. 3644



At school...

  • 7:30-8:00 AM
  • 9:30-10:15 AM
  • 3:30-4:00 PM

Remind101 messaging...

  • M-F from 7:45-5:00 PM

Scholastic Book Club*October Order DUE FRI.OCT 19

If you would like to order books, please do so one of two ways.

1. Send in order form completely filled out with a CHECK made payable to Scholastic Book Club


2. Visit and order using code: KDD8M

A Message from Mrs. Myszkowski- 10/11/18

Happy Fall Break!

Thank you so much for all of your support while I was gone and then getting caught up when I returned. It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

Now that Quarter1 is over, I have taken inventory of our supplies. I think the students are eating the pencils! Haha. We are almost out of wooden pencils. Also, we could use some white copy paper for projects and activities, post-its(regular size), and pink erasers. Pencil erasers are being torn off the top of brand new pencils so back-up pink erasers would be helpful.

Just a couple of reminders regarding PowerSchool: Please check grades and make sure all grades are entered correctly. If there is a discrepancy, please send in the graded assignment with a note, and I will fix it. If there is a blank spot next to an assignment, that grade has not been entered and will be entered at a later date. If there is a zero and notification of MI listed next to an assignment, then that assignment is missing and the late deadline has passed. If there is a blank spot and notification of MI, that assignment has less than 7 days to be turned in before it will be recorded as a zero(usually within a week of the due date listed with the assignment). If there is EX listed next to an assignment, the student was exempt and it does not need to be turned in/completed.

Throughout the day, students are asked to complete many directions in order to transition smoothly from one subject/activity to the next. These directions can sometimes have multiple steps (put away this, take out this, pick up this). Transitions should take less than 2 minutes as most of the items they need are only in 3 different places. Unfortunately, these transitions are taking close to 5-7 minutes which is causing our schedule/activities to fall behind. To help us get back on track, I will be implementing a new classroom procedure. At home, please discuss how important it is to listen/follow directions and ask for clarification if needed.

Final grades for Quarter1 are not due until the end of the day on Tuesday, October 16. As I update PS throughout break and even on Tuesday, please note that some of these papers have already been sent home and others are coming home next week. Grades will be finalized Tuesday by 4pm. Report cards are being sent home Friday, October 19.

I will begin making check-in phone calls on Tuesday. I will call 1-2 parents each day after school. I will randomly pick students, so there is no particular order. I will do my best to call within the time you listed on the page from Back-to-School Night, however, my day ends at 4pm because I need to pick up Henry from daycare. When I call, we can discuss many things and what pertains to your child. Some topics include: how is the year going, concerns/questions, goals for the future, behavior, work ethic, and grades. As always, you can call me any time; you do not need to wait for the check-in call. :)

Have a fabulous Fall Break!

Mrs. Myszkowski

A Message from Mr. Zaremba- 10/11/18

Dear Lincoln Families,

I hope all of our families enjoy the Fall Break and spend quality time together making memories!

Thank you to our PTO and families for a wonderful Color Run last weekend. The rain held off so we could get some exercise and raise funds to support our PTO programs.

Please follow the links if you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming PTO Book Fair or Fall Fest.

Congratulations to Mrs. Bult’s class for bringing in the most Box Tops in the month of September with 362. They will be rewarded with a treat token for Dairy Queen.

Congratulations to the following students for making Lincoln’s 2018 Spell Bowl Team: Addilyn Wasmundt, Gabrielle Giacolona, Rex Roux, Zak Garnder, Mina Bolanos, Oliver Garduno, Brooke Bennett, Abagael Vanguilder, and Olivia Camarillo. If you’d like to cheer on the team, the Spell Bowl competition will be on November 15 at Wheeler Middle School.

Report cards will be sent home on Friday, Oct 19. Parents of students in Grades 1-4 will also receive a parent letter regarding the new Student Success Skills that will be used starting in Quarter 2. Please sign the letter as acknowledgement of receipt and return to school.

Our Fall Parties will be October 31 @1:45-2:45. I wanted to share a few reminders as you select a costume for your child. Students will put on their costumes before the party so during the school day they will not be permitted to wear their masks, hats, or loose clothing/capes that could cause a safety issue. Please select a costume that they will be able to put on by themselves without assistance. No toy weapons, makeup, or overly scary costumes should be brought to school. If you have been selected as a volunteer, please make sure you have completed your background check in time for it to be processed.

With Leopard Pride!

Mr. Frank Zaremba

Lincoln Elementary Mission Statement: The mission of Lincoln Elementary School is to involve the partnership of students, families, staff, and community to ensure that all students become lifelong learners through the highest quality educational program.

Test Retakes

As we are taking more tests, our goal is to make sure students leave 4th grade with an understanding of various standards/skills. Testing is a way for students to prove their independent understanding along the way. Therefore, grades are weighted heavier on independent tests/quizzes so they are a close reflection of the knowledge of each individual student.

When students take a test or quiz pertinent to a 4th grade skill/standard, I am able to see if students need more help/guidance in learning that specific skill/standard. Therefore, students who do not pass a major test/quiz(mostly math/some reading) showing mastery(A) or proficiency(B) of that standard/skill, will be pulled during small group time to continue working in order to help them better learn the material. Also, IE time (intervention/enrichment) is another time in our daily schedule built in to review as a whole class. During these times, we will clarify any misconceptions, answer any questions, and reteach skills/standards that were missed from the test. This group of students will then receive an additional opportunity to show proficiency of the skills/standards by retaking the test/quiz. The highest achievable score will be an 80%, because we are trying to emphasize proficiency and not perfection. If students do not reach proficiency levels of understanding, they will receive the highest grade between the original and the retake.

When these tests come home, there will be a "*took twice" written on the test with the grade earned. It will also be noted in PS when a quiz/test is retaken.

Important Upcoming Dates:

10/12-15 Fall Break*No School

10/17 Community Conversations @6:30 at HCHS

10/19 ROCKET, Report Cards sent home, Sub Alert until 11:30(PD @ admin)

10/26 PTO Fall Fest

10/30 Picture Retakes

10/31 Fall Party*Parade @1:30; Party @1:45-2:45(Info being sent home soon)

A peek into our week...Week of 10/16


  • L8 ou as in aloud, o as in bald
  • Test Friday


  • Writing narratives
  • Vet Day essay

Social Studies:

  • Indiana State Map Project assigned(due 10/26)
  • Map Project Work Days


  • Verbs: past/present/future progressive
  • Test Friday


  • Idioms
  • Characters
  • POW
  • Comp & Vocab Test Friday


  • Multiplication:
  • Facts
  • 2-digits x 2-digits

Assignment Board--10/16

Reading: Vocab sentences

Grammar: WB p.91

Spelling List Lesson 8*Week of 10/16

  1. aloud
  2. bald
  3. hawk
  4. south
  5. faucet
  6. proud
  7. claw
  8. tower
  9. stalk
  10. couple
  11. howl
  12. false
  13. dawn
  14. allow
  15. drown
  16. pause
  17. fault
  18. cause
  19. amount
  20. cloudier


Shoparoo is a FREE app that you use to take pictures of your shopping receipts and they will in turn make a donation to our school!

Remind Messaging

Remind is a messaging service that sends a notification or text message to your phone. I can send out reminders, announcements, pictures, and text messages to the entire class or to individual parents/groups of parents. When you reply to an announcement or message, it will directly come to me and no one else will be able to see it. This form of communication is a great quick way to ask simple questions, let me know of a change in dismissal, and so on. Please utilize emails or phone calls for important conversations.

There are 2 ways you can sign up. If you'd like to download the app, please follow the first set of directions below. If you do not want to download the app and instead would like to receive TEXT MESSAGES, please follow the second set of directions. When signing up, please use your full first and last name.

To download APP:

Visit the website:

To receive TEXT MESSAGES w/out downloading app:

Text number: 81010

Message: @campmysz

Power School

Power School will be updated once or twice a week. Please check grades and make sure all grades are entered correctly. If there is a discrepancy, please send in the graded assignment with a note, and I will fix it. Everyone can make mistakes. :)

If there is a blank spot next to an assignment, that grade has not been entered and will be entered at a later date. If there is a zero and notification of MI listed next to an assignment, then that assignment is missing and the late deadline has passed.

ALL STUDENTS will know how to access Power School to check their own grades. :)

Our Daily Schedule

8:45-9:00: Spelling

9:00-9:30: Writing

9:30-10:15: Specials (Gym, Art, Music)

10:15-11:00: Science or Social Studies

11:05-12:25: Literacy Block (Whole Group/Small Group)

12:30-12:45: Grammar

12:45-1:15: Lunch/Recess

1:20-1:45: I/E Time

1:45-2:00: Agenda/Pack-up

2:00-2:45: Math

2:45-3:00: 2nd Recess

3:05-3:15: Math Review

3:10: End of Day Procedures/ Dismissal

Grading Policy

90-100: A- to A+

80-89: B- to B+

70-79: C- to C+

60-69: D- to D+

59 and below: F

Completing nightly homework is essential to the recall and continual progress for your child. As noted in the beginning of the year, your student's homework should not exceed a 40 minute maximum per evening, with the exception of studying for quizzes, tests or completing projects. All assigned homework is due the following school day.

Late Work: Late work is accepted. There is a one time, 1-point deduction for each late assignment towards their conduct grade. As previously discussed with the students, turning in a late assignment is much more beneficial to the student's grade than turning in nothing at all. All missing work can be found when checking PowerSchool. All late work should be promptly completed and turned in to the teacher.

Missing Assignment Policy

  • Unless absent or otherwise stated, all assigned work is due the following school day.
  • Homework CAN BE the result of an assignment not completed in class.
  • When returning from an absence, a student will find his or her missed work on their desk. According to the Lincoln Handbook, a student will be allotted the same number of days to complete and turn in the work equaling the days absent. For example, if a student is absent two days, they have two days after they return to turn in absent work. Work will not be given ahead of time for vacations. These students will receive missed work upon their return and will also have the number of days absent to return completed work. Missing policy goes into affect when number of allotted days to complete work is up.
  • Turning in absent or last work is each student’s responsibility.
  • For every three missing assignments in a class, students will be given a lunch detention.
  • Projects will be the only exception to the above procedure. If a project is late, the grade will be lowered a complete letter grade for each day that it is late.
  • If an assignment is turned in late, students will deduct 1 point from their conduct/behavior grade.(Conduct/behavior grade is comprised of responsibility as well as behavior)

Our 5 Critical Values

Big picture

Ask your child about...

  • Responsibility
  • Grades
  • Behavior
  • Effort on classwork and assignments
  • Study habits
  • GOALS: What goals do the students have for themselves? Have you talked to them about the goals YOU have for them to achieve?
  • EFFORT: Are they doing their best on every assignment/activity? Are they asking for help when they need it? Are they happy with their grades?

--Resources for Review & Help---

Click here for Grammar S'more

This s'more includes helpful links to games, videos, and more to practice grammar topics. As we work through topics, more links will be added. We usually cover the same topic throughout the week.

Click here for Math S'more for Topic 2

Addition/Subtraction Whole Numbers

Click here for Math S'more for Topic 3

Multiplication and Fact Practice

click here for math s'more for topic 4

Multiplication: 2-digit by 2-digit numbers

Typing Resources

Typing Practice

Free typing practice. Students brought home username/password information.

Typing Club

Free website to practice typing.

Reading Resources

Reading Stories

This link has audio for every story in our reading books.

Online Reading Comprehension Practice

Use this link to practice reading various short texts and answering comprehension questions.

DOGO News Website

This is a resource we use in class to read nonfiction articles about current events.


This is a resource we use in class to read nonfiction articles about the many wonders of our minds.


This link takes students to our classroom library of reading passages/question sets.