Myszkowski's RockStar News

::Week of April 16::

About the teacher

Mrs. Myszkowski

Phone: 219-374-3600 ext. 3639



At school...

  • 7:30-8:00 AM
  • 9:30-10:15 AM
  • 3:30-4:00 PM

Remind101 messaging...

  • M-F from 7:45-5:00 PM
PTO Newsletter

Use this link to access information from our f a b u l o u s PTO!

A Message from Mrs. Myszkowski- 4/16/18

Hey there!

The kids are getting very chatty! The end of the year excitement is starting to take over by storm. Please discuss how important it is to finish strong-we still have a few major assessments and topics to cover before the end of the year.

ISTEP+ starts tomorrow. I know the students might feel nervous, but please ensure them that all we ask is for their best work. ISTEP does not dictate what colleges they can attend. ;)

During ISTEP testing, our homework/assignments will be light. PS will be updated every few days. We will be picking up our math assessments next Thursday and Friday. We will begin our last novel student shortly after testing is complete.

This Friday students will receive information regarding the Challenger Learning Center field trip. This paperwork/money is due next Friday, April 27, along with the permission page of the 5th grade events.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Myszkowski

A Message from Mr. Zaremba- 3/14/18

Dear Lincoln Families,

Remember that PTO Board Nomination Forms (attached) are due Monday April 16. The election for PTO Board positions will take place at the meeting on Tuesday April 17 @3:30.

If you are moving and you know for certain that your child will not be returning to Lincoln for the 2018- 2019 school year, please contact our secretary, Kim Trepton, so she can begin the appropriate withdrawal paperwork.

If you have a teacher request for the 2018-2019, please submit the attached form by April 27, 2018. Please do not submit teacher requests unless there are substantial educational reasons to support the request. We will take your request under advisement but it is not possible to grant all requests and submitting a request does not guarantee placement.

If your organization would like to plan an event in the building, please complete a facility usage request form. We have recently switched to an online system. Here is the link to the Hanover website where it can be found.

Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 will begin testing ISTEP Part 2 on Tuesday April 17. Please encourage your child to do their best, avoid unnecessary absences, get at least 8 hours of sleep, and eat a healthy breakfast each day.

With Leopard Pride!

Mr. Frank Zaremba

Lincoln Elementary Mission Statement: The mission of Lincoln Elementary School is to involve the partnership of students, families, staff, and community to ensure that all students become lifelong learners through the highest quality educational program.

A Peek into Our Week...Week of 4/16


  • L24- Suffixes


  • No whole group reading; will continue guided reading groups when schedule allows


  • Geometry

Homework Board- Week of 4/16

  • Monday-
  1. Reading:Scholastic News
  2. Math: WB p.689-690 odds only*Due Friday
  • Tuesday-
  1. Spelling: WB p.342
  • Wednesday-
  1. Spelling: WB p.340
  • Thursday-
  1. No Homework
  • Friday-
  1. No homework

Important Upcoming Dates:

4/16 ISTEP window opens

4/17 First ISTEP test

4/27 Field Trip permission slips/$ due today; ROCKET

5/3 High Ability Field Trip
5/8 5th Grade Social 3:30-5PM

5/14 The Challenger Field Trip

5/16 DARE graduation

5/18 Field Day

5/24 5th Grade Joint Event w/Jane Ball

5/30 Last day of school; Report Cards come home

Can you lend a helping hand?

Our classroom will greatly accept and completely appreciate any of the following donations :) Thank you in advance for all of your support!
  • Glue sticks
  • sandwich- and snack-size Ziploc bags

Spelling List-L24

  1. mislead
  2. dismiss
  3. insincere
  4. unable
  5. indirect
  6. mistreat
  7. disaster
  8. dishonest
  9. insecure
  10. unknown
  11. incomplete
  12. unequal
  13. unstable
  14. misspell
  15. disagree
  16. informal
  17. discover
  18. unwise
  19. mislaid
  20. disgrace


Shoparoo is a FREE app that you use to take pictures of your shopping receipts and they will in turn make a donation to our school!

Our Daily Schedule

8:45-9:30 - Reading

9:30-10:15 - Specials

Bathroom Break

10:20-11:10 - Writing with Mrs. Bairaktaris

11:10-12:00 - Science/Social Studies with Mrs. Miedema

Bathroom Break

12:05-12:35 - Lunch/Recess

12:35-12:45 - Spelling

12:45-1:15 - I/E Time

Bathroom Break

1:15-2:05 - Math

2:05-2:45 - Reading

Bathroom Break

2:45-3:00 - Recess

3:00-3:10 - Work Time

3:10-3:20 - Pack-up/Dismissal

Remind 101

Are you receiving updates/reminders/announcements through a quick text message? If not, please follow the directions below. This is a great way to keep in touch for quick messages! Also, does your child have a cell phone? Students receiving these updates may help raise awareness in their responsibility. Just food for thought :)

Myszkowski Homeroom-

Text number: 81010

Message: @mysz1718


Myszkowski Math-

Text number: 81010

Message: @4629ck


Grade Level Missing Assignment Policy

  • Unless absent or otherwise stated, all assigned work is due the following school day.
  • Homework CAN BE the result of an assignment not completed in class.
  • When returning from an absence, a student will find his or her missed work on their desk(homeroom) or in class bin. According to the Lincoln Handbook, a student will be allotted the same number of days to complete and turn in the work equaling the days absent. For example, if a student is absent two days, they have two days after they return to turn in absent work. Work will not be given ahead of time for vacations. These students will receive missed work upon their return and will also have the number of days absent to return completed work. Missing policy goes into affect when number of allotted days to complete work is up.
  • Turning in absent or last work is each student’s responsibility. Students have their own usernames/passwords for Power School.
  • For every three missing assignments in a class, students will be given a lunch detention.
  • Projects will be the only exception to the above procedure. If a project is late, the grade will be lowered a complete letter grade for each day that it is late.
  • If an assignment is turned in late, students will deduct 1 point from their conduct/behavior grade.(Conduct/behavior grade is comprised of responsibility as well as behavior)
  • If an assignment is one day late, it will receive full credit. (Current 5th grade policy)
  • If an assignment is turned in after the allotted extra day but before the cut-off for the subject, the total score will be deducted by 10% or by 1 point depending on the amount of total points per assignment.
  • Spelling- late assignments will no longer be accepted once the weekly test is given. They will be recorded as missing and a grade of 0.
  • Math- late assignments will no longer be accepted once the topic test(skill is complete) is given. They will be recorded as missing and a grade of 0.
  • Reading- late assignments will no longer be accepted once the story test is given. They will be recorded as missing and a grade of 0.

Scholastic Book Club Ordering

If you would like to order books, please do so one of two ways.

1. Send in order form completely filled out with a CHECK made payable to Scholastic Book Club


2. Visit and order using code: KDD8M

Power School

Power School will be updated once or twice a week. Please check grades and make sure all grades are entered correctly. If there is a discrepancy, please send in the graded assignment with a note, and I will fix it. Everyone can make mistakes. :)

If there is a blank spot next to an assignment, that grade has not been entered and will be entered at a later date. If there is a zero and notification of MI listed next to an assignment, then that assignment is missing and the late deadline has passed.

ALL STUDENTS know how to access Power School to check their own grades. :)

Our 5 Critical Values

Big picture

Ask your child about...

  • Responsibility
  • Channel One news
  • How do they like switching to new teachers throughout the day?
  • Grades
  • Behavior
  • Effort on classwork and assignments
  • Study habits
  • GOALS: What goals do the students have for themselves? Have you talked to them about the goals YOU have for them to achieve?
  • EFFORT: Are they doing their best on every assignment/activity? Are they asking for help when they need it? Are they happy with their grades?

--Resources for Review & Help---

Typing Practice

Free typing practice. Students brought home username/password information.

Typing Club

Free website to practice typing.

Reading Resources

Online Reading Comprehension Practice

Use this link to practice reading various short texts and answering comprehension questions.

DOGO News Website

This is a resource we use in class to read nonfiction articles about current events.


This is a resource we use in class to read nonfiction articles about the many wonders of our minds.


This link takes students to our classroom library of reading passages/question sets.

Math Resources

Math S'more

This link will take you to a different s'more website designated for only math resources.