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What is the aPlay? Why will it be helpful? and more


Pineapple Inc. chose to make the aPlay because we know that kids get bored often and wanted this problem to be fixed because the founders themselves are kids (preteens). They were sick and tired of being bored so they decided to make an entertaining device which will help kids amuse themselves. The product is called the aPlay because it is an attracting name and the device helps you play and have fun! Parents also will benefit from the product because their children will be getting good exercise while using the aPlay. Our top competitors, Apple Inc. have never thought of such an awesome product! So I hope the next time you go to the mall, drop by at the Pineapple Inc. store and buy yourself, a friend or a family member the aPlay!


Why is the aPlay right for your child? What is in it for the parents? Well that what going to tell you! The aPlay is a very good source of exercise for your children because when they play it sensors their whole body, so for example if you’re playing Just Dance it uses your body movements to control the game. For Call of Duty it looks at how you are using your gun, throwing grenades etc., for Assassin’s Creed it looks at how you are jumping etc., I think you got the point. The aPlay is fun but it is also safe for your child. Parents, have you ever had to leave your children home alone and be worried that something bad could happen? There is no need to fear the aPlay is here! The aPlay has a built in security system for your children. It comes with the headset with the glasses, microphone, cameras and much more. All you need to do is install the secret cameras at every doorway and window and everything is connected to the headset. For example while your child is playing Just Dance or Call of Duty the game will automatically pause and show the camera views from the cameras, if they see someone unknown there is an instant 9-1-1 button. So that is why you should get your child the aPlay!


The aPlay looks like a headset with a microphone and glasses attached to it. The cameras that you get with it are very small and easy to conseal. The headset is available in white with neon splatters or in black with neon splatters.

Our Awesome Features!

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