Its always hard to pick between two of your Favorite things.


Stargirl- Fun, loving, kind but an unusal girl. Stargirl is the perfect girl for Leo but not for the other kids.Archie- The perfect guy for you when you need some advise. But he also helps out with scientific things. Bones are his favorite kind of scientific feature.

The awkward kiss

Hillari Kimble walked up to Stargirl and said You ruin everything. And she slapped her. The crowd grew instanly still. The two girls stood facing each other for a long minute. Those nearby saw in Hillaris shoulders and eyes a flinching; she was waiting to be struck in reply. And in fact, when Stargirl finnaly moved,Hillari wince and shut her eyes. But it was lips that touched her, not the palm of a hand. Starirl kissed her gently on the cheek. She was gone by the time Hillari opened her eyes.


Strong verbs

1. She went to the goal post QUICKLY. 2. They STOMPED off the feild. 3. The cheerleaders SCREAMED loudly to the crowd. 4. They were SHOCKED when she came and sat by Mallory Stillwell. 5. Kevin was at the gate ,WINDMILLING his arm.

The story of Stargirl Caraway

        This is a story about a girl that does and does not fit in. That girl is Stargirl Caraway. She just got done with being homeschooled from her mom. So she decided to try something new. But after she showed what she does like sing happy birthday to her classmates no one likes her for what she does. She is not the kind of girl that like all of the girly stuff. She is the girl that takes pictures of you when you were little. Stargirl Caraway is the nice girl on the street. Leo on the other hand likes Stargirl. But he will not tell his friends that they are dating. He wants Stargirl to fit in with all of the other classmates. So she tought to herself and she changed everthing about her. She changed her clothes, hair, shoes, and she also changed her name. Her name is Susan Caraway. But after she won the state oratorial contest in Arizona she thought everyone would cheer for her. She was the only person that won this contest for their school. But the only three people that showed up were two teachers and her best friend. That did not work out to well so she went back to Stargirl. It was 15 yars since Stargiel left that school. Now Leo regrets having her change who she is. He learned that You can not have everything in life but you choose what your heart says.


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