Winter Break: Keep Learning Sharp!

How to keep kids learning over winter break.

Winter Vacation is right around the corner and no snow to send the kids out to build a snowman. So what to do with the kiddos? Here are some ideas to support learning while on winter vacation.

Set a Winter Break Routine

Create a schedule together:

  • Schedule reading time or a daily crossword puzzle to keep children focused.
  • Set time to go outdoors- depending on weather: take a walk or build a snowman
  • Create Incentives- for keeping to the winter schedule
  • Go to the public library every week- it's free!
  • Set a bedtime schedule

At Home Ideas Without Being "Plugged In"

District Resources Online to Keep Skills Sharp

Bradley School District Curriculum Parent Page is designed to be a support and resource for parents for understanding standards and changes to our schools.

  • Math videos to help students at home
  • What to expect your child will learn at each grade level for Math and English Language Arts.
  • Resources to keep skills sharp!

Student Page to play educational games or much more!

Other Web Pages to visit

Any questions, please contact Tricia Nagel, Director of Curriculum at