May 9th- 13th

Dear Parents,

First grade is excited to welcome their mother's tomorrow! There will be seats set up, so please take a seat, have some refreshments and we will meet you down there at 9:15. Mass is on Thursday this week. We are planning to finish DORA testing this week. Six flags tickets will be sent home in couriers this week.

Week plans

Reading and Saxon: We will be learning to read and spell:

suffix er, est, ful, un, pre, dis

We will be reading the book : Danny and the Dinosaur

Math:This week we will work on finding the value of mixed amounts of coins. Ideas for home for practice are: have them count back change at a store, dump out loose change and have them count it, or hold up a coin and ask its name and value.

Writing: We will be writing about summer plans this week as well as continuing our practice with D.O.L.

Religion: We will continue to pray the decade of the rosary every morning in May. We will continue to learn about Mary our Mother and visit the Grotto this week.

Dates to Remember

May 10th: D.O.L test over Skill builders 5-8

May 13th: Spelling Test over words: over, mention, yellow, hold, kind, fantastic, about, draw, foundation, pages, today, and once. Sentences: "I will bring hot dogs and buns, " said Pam. Who would like to plan some games to play? Can we swim in the lake at the park? We should invite Beth to come along.

May 13th: Phonics Assessment

May 18th: high frequency word Test