Greeting Card Designer

Design Greeting Cards

Job description

A Greeting Card Designer designs (and sometimes manufacture) greeting cards. They create a picture with a correlating text. Many Greeting Card Designer work freelance and mostly don't have designing greeting cards as their main income. Since the majority of professionals in this profession work as freelancers they do not have a workplace except for their own home.

Experience or Education

Greeting Card Designers need to be artistic, creative, good with time management and able to do both traditional and digital drawing. To learn this art you would have an advantage if you major in Graphic Design or Fine Arts. You could also do an internship at a Greeting Card company.

Salary and location

You could work from anywhere in this profession since you often work freelance. But major cities is always a place for greater opportunities. The U.S. average salary is 46 000 $. But in San Francisco the average salary is 68 000 $. In New York the average salary is 61 000 $.

Professional Organizations

Greeting Card Association (GCA)

GCA was founded in 1941 and is the U.S. trade association serving the greeting card and social expression industry.The GCA represents nearly 200 American and International publishers from diverse businesses.