Benjamin Banneker

By Kaitlyn Wilson


Benjamin Banneker was born on November 9, 1731. His parents were free from slavery, so Benjamin was born a free man.


Benjamin learned to read from his grandmother. He had gone to school for a short period of time, but was mostly self educated.

What He Made

When he was young, he made a wooden clock, and an irrigation for his father's farm.

His Discovery

He was discovered by a wealthy family because of his many talents.

Things He Wrote

He had written 6 almanacs between 1792 and 1797. He had also written a letter to Thomas Jefferson about equal rights for his race.

Why He Was Important to Math

He was important to math because he could make mathematical and astronomical calculations through the stars.

3 Interesting Facts

He had predicted the solar eclipse of 1879.

He was the first native american inventor.

He died exactly one month from his 75th birthday.

Why is he Famous?

He is famous because he was talented at Astronomy and math. He was mostly famous for his almanacs, but also for his creations.

When he Died

He died on October 9, 1806. He died in his sleep after his morning walk, exactly one month before his birthday.
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