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Español IV

¿Qué pasa en la clase de Español IV?

On the month of April, as a class we covered tons of topics. However, among all those topics, some of them made us think “Wow” or “ Dang”. One of the topic was La guerra civil en Salvador. In this chapter we learned a little bit of the history of Salvador. The history included all the horrible stuff that the government did in order to stay in power, which ended up creating a society that no-one ever wanted, “ Poor vs Rich”, At the end due to corrupted government a civil war broke up and many of them tried to leave the Salvador to US to have a new life. To connect with this event, we also watched a documentary, where bunch of kids from Salvador tries to go to US without their parents, Most of them were at the age of 10-15. In order to go to US, they had to ride a train, which they named “ La Bestia”, because along the lines of traveling, it kills a lot of people. And people from salvador still rides la Bestia because they wanted better life and more opportunity. I could understand if it was adult, however most of them were just little kids, who had just hit their puberty.

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This topic didn’t really have a deep meaning like civil war in Salvador, however it did teach us many important vocabs that we needed for tests, quizzes and labs.

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We want our parents to learn how to say "Thank You" in Spanish, which is Gracias because the work Thank you is one of the word that will never get one in trouble because it's a word that everyone would want to hear from anyone.
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Mexicans on Mars: scientists have a plan

Mexicanos en Marte los científicos tienen un plan