Stand Alone DVR

AVcap presents the new fully functionalized Stand Alone DVR. Previously, people use the VHS for the video recording but they can’t get too long video on it, but now they are using the Stand Alone DVR for long videos. Stand Alone DVR is all-in-one Digital Video Recorder which has operating different software and can be easily connected with PC. Here, one more thing which people get on this DVR is that they will directly connect it with Internet. Below, I have listed the features of Stand Alone DVR.


· Get the live view via iPhone, Blackbarry, Windows mobile etc.

· Sensitive touch of the front penal.

· Support the 2TBx4 or 2TBx3 & 1 SATA DVD-RW.

· All channel CIF 720/960 FPS Real Time Recorder.

· Multi Channel real time playback.

· It support the HDMI (Optical), VGA, TV output, USB, 1.1 and USB 2.0

· H.264 mail profile Hardware compression.

· Controlled by the Front panel Keypad, mouse and Remote controller.

· Iphone, Symbian, Windows mobile, Android, Black Barry cell phone viewing is available.

· It support up to 32 GB SD card and external USB HDD Recording Capability.

Hope that above information will helpful for you to understand that what is Stand Alone DVR and what are the features of Stand Alone DVR.