By: Ashley Miznazi and Breanne Chausse

What are the two types of slaves? What eased the pain of slavery?

Two types of slaves are: Field workers, and house slaves.

Them being aloud to have families eased the pain of slavery.

Field slaves

The lived in tiny huts on blankets on the floor. They had very minimal food.

They worked from sunrise to sunset. When it was harvest they worked an eighteen hour day.

Duties of a House Slave

Slaves were subject to diseases such as Malaria, Asiatic Cholera, Dysentery, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Tetonus, Pellagro, and Beriberi


They were sexually assaulted, branded, chained, drowned, beated, and more. The owners could not survive without a whip.

Purpose of listening into owners conversations

So they can warn field slaves about auctioning certain slaves and other important things.