No More Dead Dogs Film

Based on the novel by Gordon Korman

Movie Release Date, November 11,2015

This movie is the best one you can see! There is a lot of comedy,and there is some sadness though. But when Wallace Wallace makes the winning touchdown (from last year), things get crazy! Wallace's ex-best friend,Stevie,won't be his best friend anymore. Rachel the actress is directing a play called Old Shep,my Pal. But there is some really bad stuff happening to it! Then there is this girly girl Trudi Davis. She is in love with Wallace Wallace. So,they all try to find out who is culprit in this film. Enjoy the movie!!!
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Jerry Trainor

Plays Mr. Fogelman. The director and principal of their school.
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Ethan Munck

Plays Dylan Turner. Little brother of Rachel Turner. But watch out! Hes a trickster!