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Delegation the key to success in your PTE

On Delegation

Expert managers require many attributes. But at the end of the day, nothing defines a manager more than delegation. A manager couldn’t be a manager without delegating work. When it comes to delegating, there are three key questions we need to ask. To whom do we delegate? When do we delegate? And what do we delegate?

And most managers are familiar with those questions. And most managers unfortunately ask them in that order. A manager typically thinks first about who is available. Then, after having identified a target for the work, the thought that arises next is when can I give them some work. And finally the manager asks what work I can give them to fill their time.

This is entirely backwards, both in terms of the questions asked and the attitudes behind them. Delegation isn’t about finding work for employees. Delegation is primarily about work that is the responsibility of the manager. The manager is responsible for the work done and may get those tasks done by whatever means may be most appropriate.

And so, the proper order of the questions is this:




What is delegated depends upon the particular needs and competencies of the manager. In the wide array of things that the manager needs to have performed, some need to be delegated according to the strengths of himself and his team.

The question when is also about the manager. The manager delegates in two basic scenarios. Either when the manager wants to develop somebody and hence assigns them a piece of work. Or else, somebody has an inappropriate amount of work and so the manager balances the workload against the organizational needs.

Last and finally comes who. The task to be performed determine the people that should be in the organization. Not the other way around.

It is a bit like archery really. Which arrow you grab from the quiver is least important. More important is knowing when to release the arrow. And most important of all is keeping your eye on the target.

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