I'd rather be alone.

What does INFP stand for and what is an INFP?

INFP stands for introversion, intuition, feeling, & perception. An INFP is always looking for the good in a person and is always searching for a way to make things better. People with this personality type are more likely to be found alone, but in a bad situation they are there to help make things better. INFP's are also guided by their principles, not their logic.
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Being alone is always a good way to clear your mind. If you are invited to a party you would much rather stay at home and watch a movie or listen to music. INFP's use this feature to stay low and not start any drama with anybody.


Having intuition is a very good trait to have. Do you ever have a feeling to do something and you know something, but without knowing why or how you know it? That's being intuitive. Being intuitive means you can listen to your intuition and gut feelings rather than to ignore them and listen to logic. Pity logic, because if you are intuitive there will be none in your choices.
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You notice things very quickly! If something is wrong with someone you can easily tell that there is something wrong. You may not know what it is, but you will try to find a way to find out what it is. Being an INFP is a gift, it allows you to realize and understand problems quickly.