The Grimke sisters

By: Mahalie Cheatham

Sarah and Angelina Grimke

Sarah Grimke was born on Nov. 26,1792 and Angelina was born on Feb 20, 1805. They grew up on a plantation home and soon found a disliking for slavery.

Moving to Philadelphia and things they did

In 1821, Sarah Grimke moved permantly to Philadelphia. Soon enough Angelina. In 1835, Angelina wrote a pro abolitionist letter to William Lloyd Garrison, who published it in his news paper The Liberater.

What did Sarah and Angelina accomplish?

What did Sarah and Angelina accomplish? Sarah and Angelina did speeches and wrote letters about slavery and pro abolitionist letters.

Officals weren't a fan of the sisters

Southern California officals threatened the sisters with imprisonment if they returned to their native state, because they were so against slavery. Their native state was a slave state.