By, Hannah Borgra

Viola's Identity

I feel that throughout the play Twelfth Night Viola really branded herself as a strong woman, but there was more to it than that. From the moment she became Cesario, she proved to herself that she is strong and willing to do anything to help herself. That also helps prove how independent she is. Viola has to deal with many problems as Cesario, some including Olivia falling in love with her. That is when Viola has to use her femine side to help show that she does not have feelings for Olivia, even though Olivia did not pick that up. She is also able to express feelings to Duke that most men would not say, which proves that she is a romantic. Viola said, "After him I love More than I love these eyes, more than my life, More, by all mores, than e'er I shall love wife" (V.i.129-131). This quote helps explain how even throughout the whole play, Viola loves Orsino, but even expressed that love while she is a man. These all show how Viola identified herself and how she viewed herself in many different ways.

Viola's gender

In the play, Viola defiantly struggled with gender roles. Although she is a woman, she had to disguise herself as a man, to pretty much survive. This was a struggle at first, but Viola adjusted pretty well to being a working man. Although, she is really bad at hiding some aspects of being a woman. Sometimes she will show emotions or talk as if she were still Viola, and she has to learn not to do that, if she did not want to get caught. Viola expressed "I am all the daughters of my father's house, And all the brothers too-and yet I know not" (II.iv.117-118). This quote shows that even while in deep conversation with Orsino she can tell him how much she cares for him and still hide the fact that she is a woman. I also feel that since she came from such a higher class family, and has such a traumatic accident, she probably knew she needs to act like a man as well as she could if she wants to continue on with the plan of being Cesario.

Viola's Perception

In the play many of the people have different views on Viola/Cesario. Many of the people in the play only know Cesario for a majority of the time, so their views may have changed when they found out she was a girl. Olivia obviously is interested in Viola the moment she came to her as the Duke's servant, she loves how kind and sympathetic Cesario is. Duke trusts Cesario very much as a worker and actually fell in love with Viola when she reveals that she was actually a girl to everyone. Valentine said, "If the Duke continues these favors towards you, Cesario, you are like to be much advanced. He hath known you but three days and already you are no stranger" (I.iv.1-3). This shows that from the beginning Cesario is a hard worker and a trusted person and even other servants were noticing. Some of the other characters like Sir Toby and Andrew could probably care less of Cesario, but ended up probably hating her because of the fact that she (actually Sebastian) beat them up. Over all everyone actually has different perspectives of Viola and who she is, but in the end it seemed that mostly everyone likes her.
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Similarities to Viola

After we read Twelfth Night I did find some similarities to Viola. We both are very outgoing and independent woman who work hard for what they want. We both also care a lot for our families and will do anything to reconnect with them.

Differences from Viola

Viola and I did have a lot of differences though. For starters I do not think I would ever dress up as a man to do a job. Another thing that is different, is if I were in the situation she was in, I feel I would be much smarter in the ways I acted and watched what I said more. I also would never fall in love with a guy that fast, I mean she only worked for him for like a week and already loves him, like it is never that serious.

Viola's movie identity

Viola in the movie She's the Man is a very funny, sociable person who always goes for what she wants. All though she is put in some terrible situations like her soccer team getting cut, she finds a way to overcome those obstacles. She is brave enough to dress up as her brother just to work hard for something she wants so much. In She's the Man Viola said that no matter what, she would work for what she wanted (She's the Man). She also sees herself as a caring girl who does not need anyone to tell her what she has to be or do, she can just be herself and if any one does not like that, she does not care.
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Viola's movie gender

Throughout the movie, Viola has to deal a lot with gender experiences. All though in the movie she is a girl, she does not meet the standards of the typical young lady. She is a tough, athletic, and unique person but she knows that is not what everyone around her wants her to be. When she is dressed up as her bother though, she is a little too girly because of the ways she expresses her feeling and even acts in some situations. In She's the Man When Viola and Duke have some conversations she will either try to hard to act like a guy or her girly side will come through and she will end up saying something a guy would usually never say (She's the Man). All though she has many gender problems to deal with, she is always strong enough to pull through and find ways to be herself.
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Viola's movie perception

In the movie, many people see Viola/Sebastian in different ways. Viola's mother sees her as a daughter she pretty much wish she did not have. All she wanted is for her daughter to be a perfect debutant and that is not what Viola wants. Duke sees her as a weird roommate that he can actually somewhat relate to. In She's the Man when Duke finds out that she is actually Viola, he has trust issues, but finally ends up falling truly in love with her and her personality, not just her looks (She's the Man). Another person who sees her as an inspiring person is Olivia. She fell in love with Viola as Sebastian because of how much she actually cares for her compared to just being a regular rude guy. These all show that in the movie many people saw Viola in many different ways, but in the end they all learn to respect her in different ways.

Similarities to movie Viola

I observed a few things that Viola and I have in common. First off we are both very outgoing and caring women. We both are very athletic and work hard for what we want. We both also are big supporters of women being treated equally not just in sports but over all. Also I would say we both are compassionate people who may take a while, but show true care for the ones we really do care about.

Differneces from movie Viola

All though we have many similarities, our differences add up as well. First off I do not think I could ever dress up and act like a man. I would probably say the wrong thing within ten minutes of being in disguise and it would give me away. I also would say I am not as selfish as she was. I would not try to sabotage peoples love lives especially if I were in disguise I would just focus on my goal and why I was there in the first place. I also think I would not be as tomboyish as she was, I would not mind getting dressed up for an invent, and obviously she just did not want to.
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