Polar: By Michaela Buchli

Climate Location

Northernmost parts of Russia and North America. Also the north tip of Antarctica. Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, and Siberia also have this climate. This is basically 60-80 degrees north latitude, 60-70 degrees south latitude. (5)

Yearly Precipitation

Including melting snow, the Tundra gets an average of 6-10 inches. But the average also differs in different parts of the Tundra regions. Some will have more. This depends on the rain shadows, bodies of water, and mountain ranges. (5)

Seasons and Temperature Range

Average winter temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. While summer temps are more like 37-54 degrees. In relation to us, it's basically winter all the time. But if you want to talk technically, they have a summer. But it's so cold even in the summer that if we were there we wouldn't notice a change as much as natives probably do. (6)

Factors Affecting Climate

Solar radiation, precipitation (tundra biomes are essentially frozen deserts), air pressure, altitude, distance from the ocean and such other things.
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Climate Location of the Tundra

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Yearly Precipitation Graph

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Seasons and temp. range