Tech Tips

October 13

Tech Badges

I will be placing you tech badges in your box as I am at your school. If you need a copy of the badge sheet to put them on, here is the link. Tech Badges Sheet

YouTube Robot

Good News! It looks as though the YouTube Robot verification is no longer required. This means that K-2 you can use your QR codes for listening centers again without the students having to verify they are not a robot. 3-8 - you can also play videos in some of the apps that would not work because of YouTube having to go through Safari.

Elementary Social Studies eText

Kristen Hearne has emailed the Assistant Principals with information about the eText book. You should be receiving that from them soon.

Book Me

To book appointments on my calendar click on the link below. Find a "Book Me" slot. Click on it. Add your name and a description of what you would like for me to do (planning, teaching a new app, helping with problems, etc)

Book Me Calendar

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