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WEEK OF February 11, 2019

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I'm excited to say that our High School Newsletter will continue to be a weekly Newsletter instead of a Bi-Weekly Newsletter as stated in the first issue! We have decided to do this because we have been receiving so much information from our High School students and really seeing the initiative they've taken to give our families a lot of wonderful information about not just our high school, but the school as a whole! I hope you enjoy seeing everything that our High School students have been up to and their plans for the future!


Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! As we continue to move through this semester, remember to get your Emory permission forms turned into Ms. Agha ASAP! We want as many of you to go as possible! Also, please note that the High School Assembly date has been moved to THIS Thursday. We will be going over some VERY important information with you so make sure that you are present! Everyone enjoy your week!

Contact: yparlak@fultonscienceacademy.org


Ms. Hibbah Agha

Professional School Counselor | 7th – 12th grade


(678) 366-2555 ext:158

Hey everyone! I wanted to remind everyone that Yoga Club has a new location – E1, and

Debate has a new location – M15.

Make sure you all read these articles very carefully because we have a lot of great opportunities for our High School Students. Right below I've included information about the UNG National Leadership Conference, but be sure to keep reading because there are opportunities to attend the College Fair at the Fulton County Government Center and so much more! I look forward to keep hearing from you all what colleges and universities you're getting accepted into! It brings me so much joy to see the excitement on your face when you realize the potential in yourselves to do great things! See you all throughout the week!


National Leadership Challenge weekend will occur from April 5 – April 7th. If students are interested in attending they can register at the following URL here: https://ung.edu/military-college-admissions/visit/nlc.php

If any of our students would like to attend, please either stop by my office and speak with me, or send me an email!

This is a great opportunity for students that are wanting to try out the Corps of Cadets or just want to have a weekend full of outdoor activities and leadership training!

FSA's Mission & Vision


To establish an educational framework designed to achieve the highest academic results and instill enduring strength of character by leveraging innovation and STEAM curriculums for college preparedness and lifelong student success.


Fulton Science Academy Private School envisions to be a nationally ranked and recognized school for pre-K through 12th grade, serving advanced and gifted student populations committed to academic success, civic responsibility, global citizenship, and high ethical values within a safe environment that celebrates diversity and is nurtured by the collaborative efforts of its stakeholders and the broader community.

What's in this Issue?

  • Congratulations to FSA Senior, Ethan G. on Winning his First Track Meet of the Season
  • College Fair 2019; Thursday February 28th
  • February is Black History Month
  • Don't Forget to Turn in Your Emory Forms!
  • Student Led Karate Club; Training One Move at a Time
  • MD Junior is Raising Awareness for the American Heart Association
  • Professional Speaker Series; Who Participates & How do we Source the Speakers? A Re-cap on our Most Recent Presentation
  • Sports Picture Day is Coming Up! Mark Your Calendars!


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Wednesday, February 13: Jr. Beta Valentine's Day Party at Assisted Living Home

Thursday, February 14: High School Assembly (2:40 - 3:15)

Friday, February 15: Teacher Work Day (NO SCHOOL)

Monday, February 18: Presidents Day (NO SCHOOL)

Thursday, February 21: Emory University Visit

Saturday, February 23: Spelling / Math / Art Competition at FSA

Wednesday, February 27: Professional Speaker Series Presents; Mohammed Zaidi, oncology surgeon

please note that dates are subject to change

Congratulations to FSA Senior Ethan G. on placing 1st in his First Track Meet of the season1

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GREAT NEWS! One of our high school students, Ethan G. wins 100m Boys Event @ the Chapel Hill Track Meet, his 1st meet of the Track Season

Big thanks to OnTrack-Coach Antonio McKay.

Great job Ethan!! Way to go!

College Fair 2019; Thursday February 28th

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  • 141 PRYOR STREET, SW - ATLANTA, GA 30303

WHAT: See dozens of College representatives! Learn about schools and get all your questions answered!

CONTACT: To get more information, contact: jori.mann@fultoncountyga.gov or 404.612.5861

February is Black History Month

As we observe black history month ... Did you that ...The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a civil rights organization, was founded in 1909. Then in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, a noted African American historian, scholar, educator, and publisher, created Black History Month.

February is recognised as black history month, because it coincides with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln’s. Canada also celebrates Black History Month in February, while the UK celebrates Black History Month in October. It was in 1976 that it became a national month-long celebration in 1976.


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High School students will have the opportunity to visit Emory University on Thursday, February 21st. There is no fee associated with this visit, but please make sure that you either bring a disposable lunch, or money to purchase a lunch while on campus. Students and accompanying faculty members will travel to and from Emory by bus. Students, make sure your turn in your permission forms to Ms. Agha by February 15th.

Student Led Karate Club; Training One Move at a Time

For the Fall semester in Karate Club we went over various drills, such as the kicking and striking drill to help the students know how exactly to defend themselves properly. It is also helps them with avoiding any injuries from kicking and striking. We also went over how to properly roll on surfaces using mats, so if they ever are thrown or pushed onto the ground they can safely roll onto that surface, again to avoid injury. But one of the main things we did was learn self control and discipline. The students learned when to use the techniques they have acquired and how these techniques are not to be used for playing against friends.

The emphasis in the Fall semester, as it was our introduction to the Karate Club , the goal was to learn basic self defense martial arts techniques. The club itself caters to kids from 3rd to 5th grades and while there will be fun activities, it is about learning basic self defense skills that can be used off the mat and outside the club if needed. It also provides a healthy, active outlet for students to get them moving. Club members also have to listen carefully to instructions, which means its also a lesson in listening skills.

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This Spring semester will see more techniques introduced and also as a Club leader, I will be challenged to keep it interesting and also learn how to better engage with the members. Since I am also working with elementary students I have to always come up with new ways to communicate with them verbally, and through actions. I also have to be firm with them so that they approach the drills seriously. While there are many many opportunities to be playful and have some fun, there is a level of seriousness that needs to be practiced, since this can cause careless injuries. I also try to show understanding as I also started training in kindergarten. There were times when I had to motivate myself to stay in the game, which was not easy. Confidence is another skill I hope to inspire in them as it is one that can truly help them along many paths. Self confidence + Self esteem + disciplined training (habit) = a successful student

- Akshay M., FSA 9th Grader

MD Junior is Raising Awareness for the American Heart Association

February is American Heart month! One of our high school clubs, MD Junior, is selling socks and T-Shirts to raise money and awareness for the American Heart Association. T-Shirts are selling for $10 each and socks are selling for $4 each. We hope that all students, parents, and teachers will support MD Junior and their initiative. You can place an order by writing your name and order information on the sheet posted outside Ms. Oliver’s Chem Lab. You MUST order and hand in the total money to Ms. Oliver by Friday, February 22. If Ms. Oliver isn’t in her room, you can bring it to her later. We highly encourage you to support the endeavors of this club and support heart disease! #heartmonth

Professional Speaker Series; Who Participates & How do we Source the Speakers? A Re-cap on our Most Recent Presentation

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Last week we looked at WHY we have this program. This issue we will look at WHO participates and HOW we source these speakers, as well as take a look at a brief bio into the speaker that we welcomed today!

Who Participates?

Seasoned professionals from various industries are sourced to interact and provide thought provoking presentations in their areas of expertise. For this year we have had an VP of Marketing from Scientific games, SVP, Debt Processing from First Data, Regional Director for Retail Sales Samsung, The Drake House, Greater North Fulton Charities, a college junior who shares how securing internships can change “make it happen to you”, just to mention a few. Each presenter share with students how technology and trends are affecting their roles, companies and industries.

How Do We Source Our Speakers?

Broadening horizons and exposure to diverse professionals who can speak to teens are the driving forces in finding our presenters. Shared professional and community networking, areas of interest shared by students, and someone who can get students to start thinking outside their comfort zone. It is also important that they be engaging and knows how to interact with teens, via examples and personality. It’s not about the job title but also how they present themselves.

These presentations occur during one of the designated CERP periods during the week. Roughly, about 35 mins, students are required to attend as this is built in within their daily schedule. Attendance at these events which usually occur weekly, is just as important as if a student was attending class. Understanding the professional environment no longer starts in college. As the landscape changes the timeline is moving up and high school is where it all begins

Today we welcomed Mrs. Shiela De La Pena. She spoke with our students on how to start a non-profit - from concept to realization.

Mrs. Shiela De La Pena is a Computer Engineer and an expert in Supply Chain high performance business processes and practices. As a former electronics-manufacturing professional, she is experienced in all aspects of supply operations, materials management, purchasing, production planning, inventory management, new product development, application engineering, logistics, applied business systems and integrated process management. As a former Project Manager, she collaborated with engineers and managed development of prototypes and production of printed circuit boards used in the Mars Rover’s camera and arms, first Bluetooth hands-free headset/microphone, first wearable GPS, capsule endoscopy and first colored screen mobile phone display. She currently owns a consulting business in electronics Supply Chain that supplies product across the globe. Mrs. De La Pena is Seth De La Pena’s mom who is currently an eight grader in FSA. Seth De La Pena runs a non-profit organization – “Change for Kids”.

Mrs. De La Pena spoke to students about how to come up with an idea to start a charity and took them through the steps of how to get it off the ground. She covered with them , fundraising and the importance of finding a reason to form the charity. Maintaining is perhaps the key to success. Incorporation of your charity is perhaps the main steps she told students in really making things official for your charity. She shared that its probably about $600 to get your charity incorporated but that's all tax deductible. Mrs. De La Pena also covered how involved starting a charity is...but points out that the satisfaction you receive cannot be compared when you practice giving back. But she couldn't stressed how important it is to match the right cause to your interest.

Mrs. De La Pena...spoke to students about how to come up with an idea to start a charity and took them through the steps of how to get it off the ground. She covered with them , fundraising and the importance of finding a reason to form the charity. Maintaining is perhaps the key to success. Incorporation of your charity is perhaps the main steps she told students in really making things official for your charity. She shared that its probably about $600 to get your charity incorporated but that's all tax deductible. Mrs. De La Pena also covered how involved starting a charity is...but points out that the satisfaction you receive cannot be compared when you practice giving back. But she couldn't stressed how important it is to match the right cause to your interest.

IMPORTANT Announcement for High School Math Team Members

The AMC 10 and AMC 12 are both 25-question, 75-minute, multiple choice examinations in high school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. The AMC 10 math contest is for students in 10th grade and below, and covers the high school curriculum up to 10th grade. Students in grade 10 or below can take the AMC 10. The AMC 12 covers the entire high school curriculum including trigonometry, advanced algebra, and advanced geometry, but excluding calculus. Students in grade 12 or below can take the AMC 12.

· Please use below link to practice for AMC 10 and 12.

Please click on AMC 10 if you are 10th grade or younger and please click on AMC 12 if you are 11th or 12th grade student.



· AMC 10A/12A will be administered on Thursday, Feb 7th 2019 during 2nd & 3rd periods (9am -11 am) in Mrs. Duzyol’s classroom.

· AMC 10B/12B will also be administered at our school on February 13th, 2019 during 2nd and 3rd periods (9am -11 am) in Mrs. Duzyol’s classroom

· High School Math Team students are strongly encouraged to take both AMC contest A on February 7th and AMC Contest B on February 13th.

· Letter to parents


Please email Mrs. Duzyol if you have any questions at sduzyol@fultonscienceacademy.org

Sports Picture Day is Coming Up! Mark Your Calendars!

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our 1st Annual Sports Picture day on March 8th in our gym. The pictures will take place during school hours. This will be for all sports teams that participated in 2018-2019. If you are wanting to purchase online, the link is below.



Spread the joy of reading!

Only 10% of young children in India have access to higher education. This is likely due to the lack of resources that they have. Fortunately, with your help we can change this. If you have any gently used/new books with reading levels ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade, please donate it to the boxes set up around Fulton Science Academy Private School. The books will be sent to underdeveloped cities in India. Thank you for your donations!

For questions, please contact afatima@fultonscienceacademy.org


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We are excited to say that Fulton Science Academy Private School has the opportunity to implement the AP Capstone Program in the 2019-2020 school year!

"AP Capstone™ is a diploma program from the College Board. It’s based on two yearlong AP courses: AP Seminar and AP Research."

Participating in AP Capstone can help students:

  • Stand out to colleges in the application process.
  • Develop key academic skills they’ll use in college and beyond.
  • Become self-confident, independent thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Earn college credit: Many colleges offer credit for qualifying scores.

AP Capstone Diploma™: Granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing.

AP Seminar and Research Certificate™: Granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in both AP Seminar and AP Research.

The application process will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!



You've probably heard of Home Visits for Elementary and Middle School Students, but Home Visits for High Schoolers?!

Home visits are a casual way for your student to spend time with his/her teacher in the comfort of their home. Teachers enjoy having a chance to see their students in this comfortable environment, doing whatever makes them most happy and spend time with these students and their parents outside of a regular school day.

To schedule a home visit, simply email junal@fultonscienceacademy.org with some suggested dates/times, as well as your students' name(s) and homeroom. Ms. Unal will be in touch to confirm final details.

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FSA’s annual International Night will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2019 from 4-7pm! We take pride in the cultural diversity represented in our school, and our International Night is a great way to share and celebrate our various cultural traditions. Please read carefully because we need your help to make it possible!

The event this year will be the same as last year and we are recruiting families to contribute in various ways. Whether you would like to represent your country of origin or share what you’ve learned about other places while traveling abroad, we would be honored if you would share your experiences and insight with the FSA family. The opportunities to contribute include the following:

  • Manage a booth - This includes selecting a country to educate our families on the country and culture. You will be provided with tables and a tri-fold poster board to create a display showcasing your country’s heritage including relevant art, photos, traditional dress/costume, music, dance, food, souvenirs, games, etc. If more than one family volunteers to represent the same country, those families will collaborate to manage the booth. Any family managing a booth has an opportunity to be in the Parade of Nations. Details will follow once signed up.
  • Bring food and/or drink items indicative of a specific country - If you aren’t up for managing a booth,but are a good cook and want to share your culinary talents please let us know what items you would like to contribute for our food sampling.
  • Perform a talent representative of a country - Performances can be by our students, parents and/or others in the community. Examples include Irish or Indian dance, West African drumming, Capoeira, Salsa dance, singing, etc. Please note performances should be 3-5 minutes long.
  • General Assistance & Volunteering - If none of the above appeal to you, but you would like to help at the event, please sign up to serve as a general event volunteer. We also need help with set up and clean up, manning the passport and immigration booths, coordinating talent, and more.

Please click the link below to let us know how you would like to participate by April 1, 2019. Once we receive your Google Form response, we will reach out to you with additional details.

International Night Google Form Sign-up

Please contact Kavitha Joseph at fsaintlnight@gmail.com with any questions or concerns

Below is an example of a family representing Ireland. They included a board of information, food and drink samples, and even dressed like the Irish!

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The site allows the user to select the item, color, logo, and team whether it be academic or athletic; even different sayings! The possibilities are endless! There is everything from cotton shirts to Dri-Fit Nike or UA workout shirts and so much more!


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Volunteer hours are a mandatory part of the FSA High School curriculum. Students are required to complete a minimum of 100 volunteer hours to fulfill the volunteer hour requirement to qualify for graduation.

Volunteer Hours Tracking Process

  • High school students are required to submit their volunteer hours using volunteer hours log sheet.

  • The volunteer hours log sheet can be found on school website under counselor services menu.

  • Students can submit their log sheet throughout the semester to the school counselor as long as it contains a minimum of 10 hours.

**Exceptions can be made during finals week

  • Volunteer logs for each semester must be submitted no later than first Friday of December and first Friday of May to the counselor.

  • Counselors may or may not approve volunteer hours. Please refer to the acceptable volunteer hour guidelines for details.

  • Students will be informed of the volunteer hour log sheet approval decision by the counselor before the end of each semester.

  • School counselor will upload approved volunteer hour sheet to Naviance before the end of each semester.

  • Students are required to upload their approved volunteer hours to presidential service awards website within a week after receiving approval.

  • Students are required to have uploaded a minimum of 100 volunteer hours to presidential service website to fulfill the volunteer hour requirement.

Volunteer Hour Guidelines

Submitted volunteer hours will be approved by the counselor based on below criteria,

Acceptable Volunteer Hours

  • Volunteering with any agency, non-profit group, hospital, any religious place, student organization, civic group, community organization, etc.

  • Time that you spend planning or organizing a service event, drive, or fundraising for charities

  • Meeting that you attend in order to plan or organize a service event, learn about service opportunities, or learn community leadership skills that are outside the normal monthly meetings of the club or organization.

  • Service projects of school clubs, organizations, and teams

  • Time that you spend helping a member of the community excluding relatives

  • Any volunteer activity that is ten or more hours must be submitted along with a separate signed document as an evidence from the organization in addition to volunteer hours log sheet.

  • All service projects are subject to a maximum credit of 16 hours/day for any one event.

Unacceptable Volunteer Hours

  • Service for which you receive course credit, such as internships or class assignments.

  • Participating in “drives” where you drop off items for a collection

  • Participation in a school event or activity, such as rehearsing for performances, etc.

  • Time at conventions, mission or work trips when you are sleeping, attending social functions, eating, commuting, etc.

  • Court mandated community service or service mandated for a school disciplinary referral

  • Paid work of any kind or work for which you receive any kind of compensation

  • Hosting a foreign exchange student

Transfer Students

Transfer Students are required to meet the following criteria based on their entrance grade level to Fulton Science Academy.

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You can find a copy of the Volunteer Hours Log Sheet in your Naviance Account, as well as on your FSA connect account. If you would like to get a physical copy from the school, you can pick one up at the Front Desk.



Go to www.treering.com/validate

Enter your school's passcode: 1013541294622699

Regular Price: $29.50

Deadline: April 1

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