Save the Turkeys!

Saving the lives of turkeys from the madness of human beings

Can you spare a few dollars to save the life of a turkey?

The lives of turkeys are often lives of turmoil. Forced to become dinner or to watch as their friends and family become dinner, turkeys' lives are never easy. With this in mind, Save the Turkeys works to provide homes, counseling, and support for turkeys suffering from the post traumatic stress disorders associated with Thanksgiving and its aftermath.

What will my donation pay for?

Tony's story

"In 2011 Tony the turkey was feeling sad. Thanksgiving day was over, and so--it seemed--was his life. He had just seen his brother, his sister, and many of his friends slaughtered. Not only did Tony miss his friends and family, he also wondered why he hadn't been 'chosen' as someone's Thanksgiving dinner. Tony began attacking other turkeys. After one violent battle, Tony was found, wandering the streets with a broken wing. That's when 'Save the Turkeys!' found him. They provided housing and counseling for Tony, who has now been able to move out on his own and start a family! Tony is a true success story for our organization."

You Can Make a Difference!

Your donation to Save the Turkeys! can make a difference. Whether your money goes to housing turkeys at our facilities in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, or to counseling at one of our centers in 42 states, or to support groups in 60 major metropolitan areas, you can rest-assured that with an overall Charity Navigator score of 88%, your money will be used appropriately and efficiently to help who matter most, the turkeys.
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