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June 2013 Issue

Syria: What does the Future Hold???

Syria: Rebels Strike a Devastating Blow

June 18, 2013: Rebels send in a suicide bomber that kills over 60 Syrian soldiers, this coming after the aid Hezbollah gave to the soldiers and President al-Assad. The blast contained over six tons of explosives in a truck.
The G8 met in Northern Ireland on Tuesday and said there needs to be a Peace Conference "as soon as possible." Its clear that the G8 members do not want President al-Assad to be a part of the peace talks saying, "You can't imagine a Syria where this man continues to rule having done such terrible things to his people." -British Prime Minister David Cameron

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Rebels and Military battle in city of Aleppo

The fighting in the city of Aleppo is having horrible effects on the civilians living in the city, forcing some of them to leave their home. Imagine living in a war zone and not knowing which side you should support and hoping that your apartment does not get blown up every minute. Click the link below to watch a video on this topic.

Has the "Red Line" been Crossed???

President Barack Obama had recently said that if Syria crosses the "Red Line" of using chemical weapons that the United States will have to get involved in the conflict. The news coming out of the White House is that they have conclusive evidence that the Syrian government is crossing this "line." Getting involved in the conflict means arming the opposition.

Should we do this? Why or why not?

Staff Opinions and Thoughts

In this section the students will write their own thoughts on the articles they read. They can write whatever they want as long as it relates to one of the articles they have in the "flyer." This is a place where I want them to take a "position" on the topic and explain their perspective. Hopefully, this will improve their "argument" writing. They will have at least 7 articles to pick from and should have already developed opinions on the articles from all our days of reading. I want this to also be a kind of "free write" where they just write how they feel about the topic.

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