Breaking News:Momentum and More!

PAS Kids Learn About Different Forces & Newton's Three Laws.

Recently at PAS, kids in Mrs. Wajers 6th hour science class have been learning about different types of forces, momentum, and Sir Isaac Newton's three laws. We have done an interview with one of Mrs.Wajers students, Zach Budden, to get a students point of view. See below.

Student Interview

Interviewer, "What have you learned throughout this lesson in Mrs.Wajer's science class?" Zach, "Well I have learned many things like if there are two balls that are the same size with the same amount of force applied to them, but one has more mass, the one with less mass will go farther." Interwiewer, "What else have you learned?" Zach, "I have also learned that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." "Oh, also I've learned that the more gravity a place has, the more you will wiegh and the less gravity a place has, the less you will weigh." Interviewer, "Thank you very much, our reader should be able to infer that Mrs.Wajer is a great teacher and you are a great learner." Zach, "Thank you."