KP News 4 You

March 25, 2015



Building CSI on Wed:

  • Mini Faculty Meeting 15 minutes Joy
  • All things SBAC 55 minutes Justin
  • Morning Advisory 50 minutes Marc


  • Midfest Tour Day - 9:00 to 10:30AM
  • Garnet Team Service Dinner

KP International Night

Join us in the KP Cafeteria from 6:00 - 8:30pm on May 29, 2015

The Spring CIT Series will run on April 8, April 29 and May 20.

All approved spring series activities are now open for staff enrollment in Protraxx. The deadline for all enrollments is Monday, March 30.

All CIT group members, including facilitators, are required to enroll in Protraxx. Instructions will be forthcoming prior to the beginning of the series as to how group facilitators can generate their sign-in sheets. Evaluation of all activities at the end of the series will be by google survey form.

Evaluators: A number of Protraxx proposals remain pending in the first tier. Please log into Protraxx and check to see if you have any activities that require your review and approval. On the EZTraxx tab, in the "My Work" box on the first screen, click on "View" next to "Activities for My Review" to access any pending activities in your tier.

All sign-in sheets need to be returned to Esther Cote in the Curriculum/Instruction office.

KPU Food Drive

Please remember to announce the food drive to students that runs through Friday March 27th. They should place all non-perishable in the box provided to each MA. The MA with the highest number of donations will win a breakfast extravaganza!