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March 18th, 2015

<Issue #9>

It has been some time since our last newsletter. Round 1 of state testing is now completed and we are back to running at full staff ready to serve you and our students in any way we can. Please read the following article to see what we are currently up to. We are also requesting your feedback in a number of ways so please read and reply.

Updates and Reminders

Nagel Symbaloo... Last Call!

You have probably already noticed that some changes have been made to several webmixes in Symbaloo. This first round of changes was a quick fix, clean up and reorganizing of current resources. The DigiS and anyone else interested will be making some more dynamic changes in the near future. Please contact me if you would be interested in jumping in and helping out.

If you cannot help out by serving on the team, perhaps you might want to request certain resources to be added to a particular webmix. You can do so by filling out the Nagel Symbaloo Request Form.

Digital Toolbox

Currently, the Digi team is working on creating a resource that will help teachers during lesson planning as it relates to selecting effective digital tools. We will be calling this the Digital Toolbox.

If you have a tool that you absolutely love please consider sharing it with us so that it can be added to our list of resources. All we need is the name of the tool, the website and short description. We can do the rest.

Please use the Suggest a Tool Form to let us know about a cool tool worth considering.

Alternative Computer Lending Program

We have a number of students, who for financial or behavioral reasons, will not be taking their School Provided laptops home with them after school. Instead of asking advisory teachers or teams to handle this, we will step up and manage all of these students/devices in the LC. The process to get students on our list so that we can keep track of them involves you sending an email request to the student's counselor or an administrator. The counselor/administrator will review the situation and then add the student to our list.

Please send the name(s) to a counselor or an administrator if you have a student (or multiple students) in your team that leave a Schooled Owned Device here at school.

You can see which students are already on the list by accessing the Alternative Computer Lending Program - Student Report. Because this resource includes student names, please do not display this for other students to see. You will notice that the spreadsheet requires that you are signed in with your Forest Hills Google Account before you can view the file.

The Alternative Lending program will be up and running by the end of this week!

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