What is Walnut Historians?

Walnut Historians In a Nutshell

No, we are not merely a fanclub of history buffs. We revive history by interviewing witnesses and participants of historical events and compiling those historic accounts into research to send to the National Archives. That way, others can use the data and research we collect as primary sources for their own works of writing.

First General Meeting On Friday, October 11 In F-2 (Landis) At Lunch

Meetings will be held every Friday at lunch. Members of NHS will be excused from Walnut Historians meetings that interfere with NHS meetings.

2013-2014 Theme: Cases Concerning Civil Rights & The Civil Rights Movement

Every year, we decide on a theme to centralize our research on, and this year is no different. We plan to interview and gather artifacts for a project concerning members of the Civil Rights Movement. Whether this is a submission to the National Archives or a short documentary, you as members will decide!

Email Walnut Historians at walnuthistorians@gmail.com for any questions!