Principal Leander's RCS Weekly News

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RCS Week In Review...

Last week was another amazing week of learning at RCS. Students in grade six worked very diligently to complete their project based learning assignment integrating art as well. In fifth grade the students discussed Ferdinand and his journey around the world while using text to prove their thoughts.In fourth grade the students worked on measuring with centimeters and proving their answers to some pretty difficult math problems. In third grade the students conferenced with Mrs. Stimson and are really showing their stamina to be able to independently read for a looooooonnnngggg period of time. In second grade Mrs. Carnie built anticipation of their upcoming field trip to the Eric Carle Museum by showing a few pictures she recently shot during the previous weekend and the students worked "up close" to discuss new math concepts. In first grade the students used their knowledge of a book Ms. Drouin had read, with a twist, to build a strategy puzzle. I was fortunate enough to be able to read along with the kindergarteners this week. They shared their predictions to the book "Who Stole My Hat" and we read "Mr. Tiger Goes Wild".

This week we have our all school meeting for the month of March. We will celebrate attendance, award new students of the month, and listen to the kindergarteners share their Principal writing challenge. We will also be starting to seed for our RCS vegetable garden that we built last Spring. Mr. Snell and Mr. Hains have big plans for this years growing season. We can always use a hand (with a trowel).

Integrating new technology: From Podcast to Screencast

When a school reads as much as RCS, we have to celebrate our favorite books. Previously we had podcast books that students wanted to share on our school blog,, with the ever changing world of technology and my drive to be a digital leader we are trying a screencast. Our first participant was a third grader and she was awesome and inspiring.

What is Mr. Leander up to...

This week I have been reading a lot of different books. My book club is in the homestretch and will be finishing our book, Mindsets in the Classroom, this week. My daughter and I are reading a Molly Brown biography together. She was onboard the Titanic! I have also been reading a book about Digital Leadership written by the number one ranked digital school in the country. I am trying to bring many of these ideas to RCS because there is no reason we can't be a close second! My son and I have been spending time learning to ride his bike. In no time I believe he will be speeding around the driveway.