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A football player at Lake Windsor High School has died today in practice. He was leaning against the field goal post when suddenly a bolt a lightning hit him. He went in the air but died before he even touched the ground. The people there said half of his face was burnt off including half of his hair. We all hope and pray for the family of Mike Costello. Now to you Amani.

Story of two brothers

Thank you Amani. Here we have a story about two brothers. One is a star and ones not many people even know he exists. This is the story of Paul Fisher and Erik Fisher. Paul Fisher and Erik Fisher are two brother who live in Tangerine, Florida. Erik is a football star who has been accepted into FSU and everybody loves. Paul is a normal boy who plays soccer and no one even pays attention to him, not even his parents. All the attention goes to Erik and Paul is left there to take care of himself since his parents won't. Paul wears special glasses because he looked directly at a solar eclipse. Poor Paul never had a chance. Now to you Amani.

5k event

We are holding a 5k event here in Tangerine! Join us to remember Mike Costello, the boy who died in football practice by a lightning strike 2 days ago. There will be prizes and food and KFC and watermelon.


The football teams practice no matter the weather which puts its players in danger. Because of this Mike Costello died. It wouldn't have happened if they just practice on better days. Because of this death the coach, the principal, and other adults concerned about it had a meeting to decide what to do. We will keep you updated about that.