Panther Pause

24 years of Pride at Colleyville Heritage High School


Dear Panther Family,

I hope you are all safe and well. It has been another busy week here at CHHS. I trust you have received my daily COVID-19 update emails. I understand that with each email you receive there is likely a considerable amount of anxiety that arises. Over the course of the past week we have lost the opportunity for several of our sports teams to participate in their activities due to the spread of COVID-19. I cannot begin to stress to you how painful it is to see these opportunities continue to slip away from our young people. We know that these activities are such a huge part of their school experience. While I am grateful that they’ve been able to experience them, to an extent, I am also concerned for the way forward. If we do not get the spread of COVID-19 under control we stand to lose not only the access to these sports, but the opportunity for in-person learning to continue, as Dr. Ryan mentioned in his message earlier this week.

By no means do I, or anyone else, have the right to dictate what you do in your free time. We are granted certain freedoms in our country and I am so grateful for that. But I would kindly ask you to help us out. Largely, what is happening outside of school is impacting the operations within school and our capacity to provide our students with what they deserve. I beg of you, please limit large gatherings and continue to wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch your distance as much as you possibly can so we can reduce the spread of COVID-19, keep our people safe, and allow for our students to get as close to a full school experience as possible. We’re in this together! We can do this! Have a great weekend!

With Pride,

Dr. James Whitfield

CHHS Principal


Senior Spotlight: Presleigh Payne

Presleigh is a member of Lady Panther Softball and Blaze Select Softball. In her free time she likes to play softball and volunteer at animal shelters. After graduation, Presleigh plans to study medicine while she is playing softball for the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain. She would like to have a career as a trauma doctor.

Presleigh plans on attending Project Graduation because she thinks the program increases awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, which helps reduce the number of youth involved in alcohol and other drug-related crashes. She says that we need to start doing more about this problem than just talking. We hope all our seniors will join Presleigh at Project Graduation 2021!

Senior Spotlight

We are looking for seniors to help promote Project Graduation. Being involved will also promote your club, sport or organization. If you are selected, we will coordinate dates that you will be our Senior Spotlight student. Only a certain number of applicants will be accepted, so apply early! A local photographer will take your photo, if you do not already have one, and we will link the spotlight to your personal social media accounts. For more information and to apply, click on this link.

CHHS Volleyball

The Panthers play on the road vs. Birdville TONIGHT!

Varsity plays at 5, JV at 6:30, and Freshmen at 8.

This will be a great game! Come support CHVB in one of our last district games of the season.

All tickets must be purchased in advance. Check the CHVB Twitter page for more information!

CHHS Senior Ad price increase today!

It's time to purchase your Senior Ad for the CHHS 2021 Yearbook! Before the price increases automatically TONIGHT on November 13th at midnight, you must create, approve, AND purchase your ad here:

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CHHS Yearbook price increase tonight!

Click here to purchase your 2020-2021 CHHS Yearbook is currently at $75 and will go up to $80. Hurry now before the price goes up at midnight tonight!

The CHHS yearbook will look a little different than in years past. This year's theme is Together We Can and it will literally be a team effort. Please submit any pictures you have since school has started to our yearbook advisor, Brandie Moravek, at They could be from games, practices, school, pumpkin patch, etc...

Your email must include a clear picture (in a jpeg format; not a screenshot or a png) and the names of the students in the picture. You can most definitely submit more than one picture. Deadline for fall entries is December 2nd.

Council of PTAs newsletter

Please click here for the Council of PTAs newsletter.

Go Center

Seniors, as we approach the Thanksgiving Break, I want to share these helpful tasks to ensure your progress with your college applications:

  • Complete and submit your applications as soon as possible being especially mindful of those with a December 1st deadline
  • Request all transcripts through
  • Visit the GCISD Scholarship page 1-2 times a week as we continue to receive and post the current applications and update the website
  • If taking Dual classes, transcripts must be requested from and sent by TCC
  • Allow 2-3 weeks after requesting letters of recommendation if needed for your application or scholarships
  • If interested in attending TCC in the Fall of 2021 please complete this form: College Access
  • Schedule an appointment at the Go Center for assistance

Juniors, now is a great time to begin your research regarding your schools of interest and recognize important deadlines associated with your near future college applications. In addition, the link below will provide virtual college visit opportunities.

GCISD Virtual College Visits:

This year we will be promoting Virtual College Visits in the evenings instead of during lunches. Visits will be open to students at BOTH high schools, so please check both calendars to see who is “visiting”. The calendars can be found on the Go Center website as pictured below. Each university will provide their own link for accessing the visit which can be found on the calendar.

Texas PTA scholarship applications

Texas PTA scholarship applications close in less than two weeks! Eligible high school seniors and faculty members must apply by November 15, 2020.

Check out the Texas PTA website for more information.

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Support CHHS Project Graduation

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Changing Instructional Model

As a reminder, parents are able to switch from in-person to remote learning at any point during the school year. In order to make this change, please contact the campus counselor.

For families that are wishing to change from remote to in-person learning, that may only be done at the end of a grading period. The process for changing to in-person learning requires parents to log in to Skyward Family Access and complete the changing instructional models form prior to the end of the nine-week grading period. Instructions on where to find the form and how to complete it can be found here.

Below is a schedule of when the form will become available, when the form must be received by the campus, and when the change will go into effect:

To change after the second nine weeks, parents must complete the form between November 16 and December 4. Your student would begin receiving in-person instruction on January 6.

To change after the third nine weeks, parents must complete the form between February 14 and February 26. Your student would begin receiving in-person instruction on March 22.

If you have any questions regarding the timing of when parents may change the instructional model selected, or the associated process, please contact the campus counselor.

Cambio de modelo de instrucción

Como recordatorio, los padres pueden cambiar del aprendizaje en persona al aprendizaje remoto en cualquier momento durante el año escolar. Para realizar este cambio, comuníquese con el consejero de la escuela. Para las familias que deseen cambiar del aprendizaje remoto al aprendizaje en persona, esto solo se puede hacer al final de un período de calificaciones. El proceso para cambiar al aprendizaje en persona requiere que los padres inicien sesión en Skyward Family Access y completen el formulario de cambio de modelos de instrucción antes del final del período de calificaciones de nueve semanas. Las instrucciones sobre dónde encontrar el formulario y cómo completarlo se pueden encontrar aquí.

Para cambiar después del segundo periodo de nueve semanas, los padres deben completar el formulario entre el 16 de noviembre y el 4 de diciembre. Su estudiante podría comenzar a recibir instrucción en persona el 6 de enero. Para cambiar después del tercer periodo de nueve semanas, los padres deben completar el formulario entre el 14 de febrero y el 26 de febrero. Su estudiante podría comenzar a recibir instrucción en persona el 22 de marzo.

Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el momento en que los padres pueden cambiar el modelo de instrucción seleccionado o el proceso asociado, comuníquese con el consejero de la escuela.

TCC Virtual FAFSA and TASFA Workshop Week

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Upcoming Training Opportunity for Parents

7th Annual Bring the Conversation to Light Event on Nov. 18th at 12:00 PM - Sponsored by the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation in partnership with Hope Squad. Click HERE for more information and to register.

NEW Senior Picture Day

All seniors (whether learning in-person or remote) can have their picture taken for the CHHS Yearbook. If your senior has not had their yearbook picture taken and would like to be in the CHHS Yearbook, here are their choices:

1. If they have already scheduled an appointment for November 18th, then they are good to go and those will be taken in Gym 1 behind the bleachers.

2. If they were unable to schedule an appointment for November 18th, they can schedule an exact time in Gym 1 on December 3rd to get their picture taken. They will need to schedule an appointment by clicking here:

3. If the November 18th date and the December 3rd date are taken by the time you read this, they can walk into Gym 1 without an appointment on December 2nd to get their picture taken. This will be the 6th and final time they will be provided an opportunity to get their senior picture taken by CHHS.

Each senior can choose to have their picture taken wearing the traditional tux or drape or in their Sunday Best clothes. Please know that that tux and drape are not washed between each wear, so due to Covid, each student can choose to wear it or not. The yearbook sitting fee is free for you to get your picture taken.

Legacy Studios will provide:

  • Social Distancing of 6ft or more
  • No-Contact photography process
  • Masks worn by photographers and staff


Parent Info Session- Anxiety in Children and How to Help

Has the pandemic created anxiety in your child? Are you noticing more anxiety in your children and those around you? Next Wednesday, November 18th, at 6 p.m. join us HERE on Webex for an informative evening with a discussion on "Anxiety in Children and How to Help." The event will be recorded and posted here afterward.

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Follow the steps below:

1) Look up your CHHS Dual course number in your Skyward schedule

2) Locate your correct TCC course number on the spreadsheet provided.

3) Login into Webadvisor(instructions are in links below)

4) Use instructions in the links below to register for your TCC courses

5) Email for help or questions.

Youth Leadership Consortium: College Prep Saturday

College Prep Saturday consists of workshops designed to help middle and high school students from diverse socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds — and their parents—prepare, plan, and pay for college. Topics include preparing for and applying to college, choosing a college that’s the right fit, writing a personal statement, researching financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and understanding the real cost of college. For further information on the Youth Leadership Consortium (YLC), see the description below. To learn more about the event, please visit

Panther Football Car Raffle ends November 30

Panther Football players are selling Panther Ride 2020 raffle tickets. They are raising funds for needed equipment and necessities. Please support our team! Tickets can be purchased through the website or from a Panther player (must be 18 to purchase a ticket). Here's the link to purchase: Welcome | 2020 Panther Ride Car Raffle Ticket Purchase | CHHSPanther Football

FFA Winter Drive due Dec 1

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School Picture Retake Day

All grades 9-11 (whether learning in-person or remote) picture retake day is on Wednesday, December 2nd in Gym 1 behind the bleachers. They will be taking pictures from 8am - 4pm (including during all lunches) and no appointment necessary.

**Seniors, if you were unable to schedule an appointment for pictures on November 2, 3, 4, 18 and on December 3rd, this date is for you. Please make plans to get your picture taken on this 6th and final opportunity provided by CHHS on December 2nd if you would like to be included in the CHHS Yearbook.

Pictures from the fall

The CHHS yearbook will look a little different than in years past, and we need your help! This year's theme is Together We Can and it will literally be a team effort. Please submit any pictures you have of what you have done since school has started to our yearbook advisor, Brandie Moravek, at They could be from games, practices, school, pumpkin patch, etc...

Your email must include a clear picture (in a jpeg format; not a screenshot or a png) and the names of the students in the picture. You can most definitely submit more than one picture. Deadline for fall entries is December 2nd.

Holiday lunch donations needed

On Thursday, December 10 PTSA will provide a Holiday lunch for the teachers and staff. Please consider donating an item from the sign up genius. Thank you for supporting our amazing staff at CHHS!!/showSignUp/60B084FA4A72FA02-holiday

CHHS Senior Class of 2021 Project Graduation

Support this year's CHHS Senior Class of 2021 Project Graduation!!! Project Graduation, is a one night celebration after graduation organized by high school parents of all grades that celebrates the graduating class of seniors by sending them off with a night of fun and prizes. In order to make this year a success we need your help! We have spirit wear options for Seniors, Moms and all CHHS supporters! Prices range from $20 (including tax) for t-shirts, $16 for Yard signs, and $5 for a Panther license plate holder for those new Panther drivers. Order your spirit wear today and support our Senior Class of 2021.

Recognize your 2021 Senior, Purchase a senior yard sign, all proceeds benefit Project Graduation

2021 CHHS Senior Spirit Items Order Form

Attention Senior Parents!

2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024 Senior Students & Parents ~ WE NEED YOU! We want to keep CHHS Project Graduation going for years to come and we need your help to start planning for our 2021 Seniors! Our goal is to have parents and students from ALL grade levels! Signing up below is NOT a commitment. You will be contacted with more information regarding the position and to confirm your interest. Most positions are a minimum time commitment. More than one person can help with each position so get a friend or two and sign up together. Students can also volunteer to help with any positions and earn service hours! We will be meeting soon so sign up today and join the CHHS Project Grad team at

Support Class of 2023

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Character Strong

"At Character Strong, we are always looking to provide practical tools for weaving social-emotional skills and character development into the daily fabric of campuses and classrooms. A key component of all of our curricula is the Character Dare: actionable ways to bring the sometimes abstract concepts, values, and traits of character to life. We believe that character is a set of skills and all skills require practice!" The upcoming week's Family Character Dare is below:

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Counseling Newsletter

Click here for the November newsletter from counseling.

ongoing important information:

COVID-19 Email Communication Update

As we move into November, GCISD will be making a slight adjustment to the process in which families are notified of a test-confirmed positive COVID-19 case on their campus. Beginning this week, families will receive one email notification identifying all positive cases for that day on their student’s campus, as opposed to multiple emails if there are multiple cases. Families will only receive this email if there was a positive case on your student’s campus that day.

NOTE: This does not change procedures for close contact communication. If your child is determined to be a close contact of a test-confirmed positive case, you will be directly notified by your campus.

Need to order school pictures?

You can either use the QR code provided to your student to take home as a proof, check your email, or use the information in the flyer to obtain your ordering information.

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Free Meals Extension

The USDA has extended its nationwide waiver, allowing GCISD to now offer free meals through June 2021 at all elementary and middle school campuses and meal bundles at curbside locations. Complete information can be found here.

Canvas Tips

Parent Observers

Parents can sign up as an observer in Canvas. Observers can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content. Observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course. Learn more and feel free to share this information with parents.

Prep at CHHS

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Go Center

College Applications:

Seniors! College applications are open and the Go Center is available for appointments to assist you with your college process or answer any questions you might have. Due to the changes we are experiencing, you can set up a virtual or phone appointment until we are back in person. Click here to sign-up for an appointment! Please check your school email for follow- up communication.

Virtual College Visits:

Curious to how you can visit schools virtually and take advantage of their online opportunities? Check out this great resource that links you to each college's virtual experience page! **New Link from previous Panther Pause updates***

You can also visit DARN’s YouTube Channel to catch up on the virtual college fair that they hosted.

There are still opportunities to participate in NACAC’s virtual college fair and the GCISD College Fair (happening October 21, representatives will be “live” for questions).


Although many local scholarships are not open yet, we encourage you to begin checking the GCISD Scholarship website as this will be actively updated with new deadlines as soon as we receive them. If you have not obtained letters of recommendation, please request them now as most scholarships generally require a minimum of two letters.

Seniors also need to research scholarships that come directly from the colleges/universities to which they are applying. Please reach out to the Go Center if you have any questions about scholarships!

TCC College Access Program:

If you have a possible interest in attending TCC after high school in the Fall of ’21, please know that TCC College Access facilitates the entire TCC registration process and is done during the school day. In order to participate and be included in this process you must complete this interest form questionnaire: You can email with questions or if you are interested in the program.

We encourage you to come see us (reach out virtually to us) at the Go Center for any questions you may have regarding your post high school plans.


In-Person Learners

The USDA has issued a nationwide waiver, allowing Grapevine-Colleyville ISD to offer meals FREE at no charge through December 2020 at all elementary, middle school campuses, and Collegiate Academy.

On September 22, 2020, GCISD began providing free meals to students as part of the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) program. Sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), this program will allow any student in elementary or middle school to receive a free breakfast and lunch meal in the school cafeteria.

Remote learners have the opportunity to pick up meals curbside every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at three locations: Cross Timbers Middle, Grapevine Middle, and Grapevine Elementary. All meals are free of charge until December 2020. For more information please visit or email

Skyward Attendance

Please be aware that as we move through this unique school year with in-person and remote learners, the way in which our teachers take attendance in Skyward has become much more complex. Therefore, to make better use of instructional time, teachers now have the flexibility to formally enter attendance into Skyward up to a full day after the attendance period.

With that said, it is important for parents to know that if you access Skyward to view your student’s attendance, it is possible the system may show them as being absent for the current day, even if they were present in class or online. Additionally, it is possible that remote learning students may still display as absent up until the following day.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

A friendly reminder to parents

Parents, because of our Covid safety precautions, we are unable to accept deliveries to the school for any reason.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD to offer meals FREE

USDA has issued a nationwide waiver, allowing Grapevine-Colleyville ISD to offer meals FREE at no charge through December 2020 at all elementary and middle school campuses and meal bundles at curbside locations.

Beginning on September 22, 2020 Grapevine-Colleyville ISD will begin providing free meals to students as part of the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) program. Sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), this program will allow any student in elementary or middle school to receive a free breakfast and lunch meal in the school cafeteria, with the option to purchase a-la-carte items. Additionally, the District will offer meal bundles at no cost available for curbside pick-up that will contain meals for the entire week, including the weekend.

Curbside meals may be picked up on Wednesdays at Grapevine Elementary, Cross Timbers Middle or Grapevine Middle from 4-6 p.m. The meal bundles will include seven breakfast, seven lunches and a choice of chocolate or white ½ pint milk (14 milks will be provided). Heating instructions will be included so that families can prepare the meals at their convenience.

GCISD’s high schools do not participate in the federally funded program and therefore meals will be charged as normal in those cafeterias; however, high school students are able to pick up a meal bundle from one of the curbside locations.

For more information on how the federal program operates please visit or

Parents are encouraged to continue filling out the free and reduced application online at The benefits from being approved for free or reduced-price meals, may include discounts for transportation, standardized tests, college application fees and technology fees to name a few. If you have any questions, please email or call 817-251-5617.
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Grade level canvas

Please click the link below to join your class Canvas course for announcements and updates from counselors and administrators today:

Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

checking your child out of school


If you need to check your child out of school, there are several ways to facilitate this:

  • send in a note in the morning with your child
  • send an email to your child's attendance clerk
last name A - K 817.305.4720,

last name L - Z 817.305.4717

  • call ahead and allow at least 30 minutes lead time

**Your student may then meet you in the circle drive and parents will not come inside.

We very much appreciate your understanding as we are not allowing visitors in the building to limit exposures.

Support CHHS Baseball

Please call the number on the flyer or order by clicking here.
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Daily Health Screen Reminder

As we prepare to welcome students on campus beginning Tuesday, September 8, I wanted to remind all parents of the need to pre-screen your student for signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19 before bringing your student to school. The signs and symptoms are to screen for are:

  • Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Loss of taste or smell

  • Cough

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Shortness of breath

  • Fatigue

  • Headache

  • Chills

  • Sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Shaking or exaggerated shivering

  • Significant muscle pain or ache

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea or vomiting

If your child demonstrates any of the above signs or symptoms, they must stay home, and you need to report to the campus nurse the signs or symptoms your child is exhibiting. In the event that your child has a fever, they must be kept home from school until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. Please do not give fever reducing medication and send your child to school. Additionally, please do not send your child to school if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or are test-confirmed with COVID-19.

Nurse Update

Permission Forms link for medications is found here.
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Need to see your counselor?

If you have a question, please email your counselor. Have more than just a quick question? Sign up for an appointment with your counselor. Emergency or crisis? If you're an in-person learner you may come to the counseling office with a pass from your teacher or during passing periods. Please note that COVID-19 safety measures will be in place in the counseling office and must be observed.

suicide prevention curriculum

As many of you know, every fall the counseling teams at each secondary school present an evidence-based suicide prevention curriculum called S.O.S. to all students, grades 6-12.

Due to our unusual circumstances this year, we have decided to postpone the S.O.S. presentations, preferring to wait until we can share this critical information in-person.

We do want to share with you how our counselors are continuing to support our students during this time. Counselors are available for students and parents via Webex and phone. Each campus has a form available on their website to request to meet with a counselor. Additionally, counselors are reaching out to students to check in on them and will continue to do so throughout the year. Counselors are prepared to support students both remotely and in person. For students who are returning to school in person, counselors are accessible by going directly to the counseling office, or by requesting an appointment. For students who will continue with remote learning, counselors are accessible by phone or Webex.

In addition to the support provided by our counselors, the counseling page on the GCISD webpage has resources that are available for parents on a variety of topics.

Education Rights & Responsibilities During COVID-19

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Panther Pause

Need to inform others of an event in your club/organization using Panther Pause? Please email your information by Thursdays at noon to