Come to Minnesota!!!

The North Star state

The grass is green the lakes are blue if you like fun you'll come here too!


We have a wonderful winter!

In the winter there a lot of women who can make snowshoes and we have a perfect spot for snowshoeing. We are called land of 10,000 lakes so we have a lot of places everyone can go ice fishing. We also have skates and moccasins that you can go on the ice with!

This is a influential and a intelligent women who was named Harriet Bishop!

Harriet Bishop was a business like, intelligent, confident, effective teacher, and a community leader. Harriet Bishop was also the first to start a Sunday school.

It's a new chance, push into it, but loving every moment, early starts and late finishes, make something of you self, do it for yourself, take a new path, it's your new chance, a second chance.

Ways to get here

If you are wondering how to get here you can walk on foot, go on a canoe, and steamboats. Steamboats will take about 2 days, you can also take a stagecoach which would take 6 days, or a train that would take 30-40 days.

Fort Snelling



Fort Snelling is a big deal. Some people used to hide there after war. That is mostly over now but that used tone a restricted area.





*In 1852 Henry Schoolcraft discovered the origin of Mississippi. Henry Schoolcraft was born in 1793 and was an American Explorer but later became a superintendent for Indian affairs.

*The origin of Minnesota River is Big Stone Lake which borders Minnesota and South Dakota.

*We have basketball here! The first ever intercollegiate basketball game was in 1895 on February 9.