Edmondson I.

Career Development Class Period 6

My Results

I am both sides of the brain. This means that I have an equal balance of creativity and logic. The right side of the brain gives me my creativity and playfulness while the left side gives me my scientific side and logical side.
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E- This letter stands for extroverted, meaning that I'm not very shy and am pretty outgoing.

N- This letter stands for intuitive, meaning that I rely on my intuition.

F- This letter stands for feeling, which means I have a stronger connection with emotions.

J- This letter stands for judging, meaning that I'm particularly picky when it comes to certain things.

My Colors (Least To Greatest)

Orange- This color stands for activity. I'm not particularly an active person, having no interest in sports.

Green- This color stands for logic and mathematical and scientific thinking, which isn't my strongest suit.

Gold- This color stands for organization. I love to be organized and know where everything is.

Blue- This color stands for social. I'm an animal lover and love to help others, having a strong connection with emotions and feelings.

Motivation/Stess Level/Team Style

What motivates me is the knowledge that people know that I can do something. Support from friends and family is a huge boost for me when I'm working towards a goal.

What stresses me out is when someone is pushing me continuously that something is worse than the actual thing. When my mom overreacts about something that happens to me, I start to stress that my situation is actually way worse than it actually is.

I am an extrovert. This basically means that I'm not the kind of person that is too shy to do things or meet people. I'm outgoing and usually not afraid of socializing!

Kuder Navigator Results


Real life Arkansas budget


Job tied to budget

Architectural and Engineering Managers

Vanity License Plate

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Top Three Careers

Fashion Designer

A fashion designer would design clothing and accessories. They would also modify designs to get the desired effects from a piece of clothing.

Audio & Video Technician

An audio and video technician would set up and operate audio and video equipment whether it be for filming in a studio or recording a play to burn on disks!

Software Developer

A software developer would research, design, develop, and test software at the operating systems level. And they would also develop and analyze software requirements.

Top Three College Choices

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is where my father graduated, and also where my brother and I have wanted to graduate from since we were children. That still stands so this college would be my number one choice.



My second choice would be Juilliard because I am very passionate about my musical career and Juilliard is the #1 Music conservatory in the US. So it would be an honor to be able to be accepted to such an advanced school in The Arts.

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado is my third choice because I have a very good friend who lives in Colorado. And we have wanted to go to the same college for a very long time.

College Pennant

This is my dream college pennant that I made for my college.


"When you're happy you enjoy the music; when you're sad you understand the lyrics."
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