By the cheese brothers, George and Evan

Our Question

We are wondering what color shoe box will heat cheese up quicker, Pink or Brown?

Our Hypothesis

Our hypothesis: Is that the brown box will have a larger increase in temperature change because it is a darker color.

Variables & Controlled Conditions

Our independent variable is the color of the house.

The dependent variable is the heat of the cheese.

The controlled conditions are the time in the heat, facing the same direction, and the amount of cheese.

Our experiment: Minute To Minute Cheese {:3

Our experiment shows which box will melt cheese fastest, black increased the temperature from zero to 22 degrees Celsius in about 25 minutes. The pink box increased from zero to 15 degrees Celsius the pink box also increased about 3 degrees Celsius every five minutes. But for black it was a little bit random, and no specific pattern.

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Useful Links


1: Heat lamp

2: 2 Shoe boxes

3: 2 Cans of spray paint

4: 1 Block of cheddar cheese

5: 2 Chairs

6: 2 Thermometers


1. Set up the experiment, put cheese in the box. 2. Put a thermometer in cheese. 3. Turn on heat lamp, check every 5 minutes for 25 minutes. 4. Get results.


Our final conclusion is that the our hypothesis was correct, the brown box heated up more than the pink box.